Windows no disk on XP startup

  Ron75 01:28 04 Oct 2006

On boot up message comes up. might take 1 to 10 retries to get past. (Retry, cancel or continue). Doesn't seem to matter in what order I hit them. Everything seems to work fine, before I clear the error as well as after. The screen is just annoying.

I am recovering from virus problems. This problem appeared at the same time.

Ran clean disk, check disk. put media in floppies and Cd. no help.

Problem also occurs in safe mode.

Thanks You for any help.

I ran hijackthis...


  STREETWORK 06:41 04 Oct 2006

If you know how to enter the system BIOS, look to see if the PC is booting from the CD drive first, if so change it to your hard drive.

  Ron75 22:43 04 Oct 2006

The CD was ahead of my device in Bios. I changed it but the system remains. Thanks, I didn't think of that.

The message comes up after I select my XP user and while all the icons are loading up. It seems if I wait until XP is up then it accepts my first retry, otherwise I might try a dozen times before it accepts any entry.

Event log says Application popup, category none ID=26 Information NTDll.dll

Maybe unrelated but I still do have a virus I can't seem to shake. It is RQRSS.DLL as an addon in Internet explorer. I disable it but everytome I reboot its back in there enabled. (I think this generates many popups in IE)

To get out of my mess of virus's.. I did use Vundofix along with spybot and bitdefender to get out of my mess. (All found and corrected something different) Prior I was only using Adaware and AVG. All run clean now... but...

I also tested memory using memtest86 offline. No errors.

I did not have this problem prior to getting whatever virsus's I recently got. (I since added Zone Alarm as my firewall)

Thank you...

  woodchip 22:47 04 Oct 2006

Boot sector on Hard drive as got damaged. Not in a finical way but it's corrupt. You could try starting with XP CD and get to a Prompt type FIX /MBR

  Ron75 20:02 05 Oct 2006

I wrote a new MBR record via recovery console. The problem remained.

I pursued virus solutions. Somehow, I was able to eliminate the virus and this problem. What was the virus I don't know..

MSConct2 ??

Thank You for all your help !!!!!!!!!


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