Windows MP Network erro.Help or Mrs will kill me.

  cragulas 08:56 22 Mar 2005

OK so I persuaded her indoors that in order to watch her favorite soaps in much better quality from her native land we needed to ditch the old 433 celeron/W98SE & Ive built a nice new tower with amd3000/XPhome/Media player 10. Everthing loaded on from the OEM CD but done all the windows upgrades + downloaded WMP10.

So everything works- broadband,net,mail,postcastserver--except her blimmin streaming channel.
click here
Now U need a licence for this but theres a test video on the subscription page that U must be able to play to dowmload the licence. Trouble is I just get a WM network error C00D11B3. Ive changed all the settings as per the Troubleshooting guide, Ive deactivated Zonealrm, Ive uninstalled Zonealarm, switched off the XP firewall, nothing. I cant even play the freeview video on the link page above.
My old PC still works ok.

When I call up to that site I get an expired security certificate box come up on XP-could it be anthing to do with that?

  Joe R 09:02 22 Mar 2005
  cragulas 09:08 22 Mar 2005

Thanks Joe but already been there & done all that. Set up settings exactly as they stated (checked my old PC -that uses the same settings as well). Been on this for 3 days now & getting suicidal.

  Joe R 09:16 22 Mar 2005

cragulas, this is another windows site, but there seems to be a lot more about errors.

click here

  cragulas 16:54 23 Mar 2005

Been through all that Joel but no Joy.

Anyone any oher suggestions ?

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