Windows movie maker poor quality output

  astral traveller 20:04 07 May 2007

I have made a slide show with photos and adding audio. The preview is nice and crisp and the audio is fine but when I publish the result is a lot different - blurred pictures and distorted crackling sound. I have tried publishing using the the "best quality for this computer setting". I have also made virtually the same slideshow using Cyberlink media show, exporting to screensaver is okay and also an executable file, but exporting to a file for copying to a DVD also produces very poor results. The main reason I wanted to make a slide show was to use in a DVD player - has anyone else had the same the problem and found a solution?

  GroupFC 20:58 07 May 2007

I suspect that the reason is that by saving the project (i.e. finishing the movie) as "best quality for this computer setting", the movie is being encoded as a .wmv file (and thus compressed).

To get this onto a DVD you are then presumably using 3rd party s/ware, which again encodes film into DVD format and I suspect that this in part accounts for a loss in quality. I think the reason that the preview is nice and crisp is that MM2 is using the original uncompressed files for the preview as at that stage you haven't finished the project and created the movie file.

One thing you could try is saving the movie to your computer as an .avi file. When you get to the 2nd window of the "Save Movie Wizard" you should get a button, "Best quality for playback on my computer". Immediately below this should be "Show more choices...". Click that and you get 2 more buttons, one of which is "other settings" click that and you should get a drop down showing a whole range of choices one of which is DV-AVI (PAL).

You could then use the relevant s/ware to burn to DVD.

One word of warning .avi files will be huge, so make sure that you have plenty of HD space (for eaxample I have a 6 min video that I have recently beem working on consisting of the raw footage, a couple of transitions and a soundtrack and the file is 1.19GB and a 4 min slideshow with rolling introduction and credits, transitions and soundtrack is 857MB!

One site that it might help to have a look at is click here as there is a wealth of useful stuff and other links on there.


  astral traveller 22:11 07 May 2007

Thanks, I tried publishing to DV-AVI (PAL) but with the same results. I haven't copied anything to DVD yet as the quality isn't good enough. Strange thing is that it is the same with Cyberlink media show.

  GroupFC 22:45 07 May 2007

In that case, I am struggling to think of a reason! It sounds as if something is interferring during the encoding process, but as to what.......?

Encoding is very resource hungry, have you tried shutting down as many of the running programmes/processes as possible, before finishing the movie?

  eedcam 23:00 07 May 2007

You say you have published to dv-avi by that I presume you mean exported as dv-avi . What are you then viewing it on.

  astral traveller 18:59 08 May 2007

published from windows movie maker to hard drive viewing in windows media player and media centre, operating system is vista.

Group FC
I don't think I had anything else much running except maybe system tray stuff but will have another go making sure everything possible is closed. My system has 2GB ram and is Intel core 2 duo E6400(2.13ghz).

  eedcam 22:37 08 May 2007

If you have imported good quality ito WMM and exported as Dv-avi can only suggest its vista ? you could try VLC player from click here freebie that will play anything and is free. Personally I would burn to a dvd RW and see what its like chance is it could be ok laying the blame at your playback not the file

  eedcam 22:39 08 May 2007

Also 2G/b ram is not an issue how much free space on your hard drive?

  De Marcus™ 22:48 08 May 2007

There is an obvious codec/human issue here. If you output to DVI-Avi then the the output files should appear no diffeent to the input files. Do you have a codec pack installed?

  astral traveller 06:40 09 May 2007

I haven't knowingly installed a codec pack but then I've not heard of it either.

eedcam, 190gb free. Will burn to a DVD tonight (off to work now) and see what results are and report back.


  jack 08:47 09 May 2007

Have you ever seen a captured frame from a movie?
It is orrible.
Making a slide how from a movie editor- will be much the same it is effectively capturing a still photo at 25 captures a second or what ever and effectively making a movie- add to the all the compressions remarks from the other folk.
The Best way to make a slide show from still images is with a dedicated slide show program.
Take a look at DVDPixPlay from click here
You get it fully working for 45 days then have have to register for £15 or so.
It has all sorts of gizmos and sound capability
I can thoroughly recommend it.

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