windows movie maker to mpeg

  badbigbri 16:51 01 Jul 2005

i have copied a family video to my hard drive and have used windows movie maker to edit it .can i convert it to mpeg or any other format that will be able to be used on my dvd player?or is there a better way to edit the video once it is on my hard drive?

  GroupFC 20:45 01 Jul 2005

I don't think you can directly from within moviemaker as it doesn't support mpeg. What I htink you have to do is to save the finished movie on you HD and then convert and burn it using your burning s/ware.

A couple of useful sites for moviemaker are click here and click here

  lightfeet 23:31 01 Jul 2005

MovieMaker will copy your video on to a CD which should play on most DVD players in a quality similar to tape. In Tasks pane in MovieMaker click item 3, Finish Movie, then select Save to CD.
If you want to copy to DVD for better quality then you will need some different software, some probably came with your camcorder. Also have a look at this link click here

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