Windows movie maker help needed please

  charlton200 11:25 21 Dec 2004

I have made a photos slide show to music in windows music maker, and i have coped it to a
cd-r disc, now when I put the cd-r disc in, it plays perfectly.But why will it not play in my dvd player to my tv although it supports all the right formats.
Am I able to play it though my dvd player.
I hope so ,I was hoping to play it Christmas day.

Hope you can tell me where I am going wrong.


  Rigga 11:46 21 Dec 2004

Windows movie maker is fine to create the movie, but to get it to play on a standard DVD player, you will need to use your CD writing software to write a Video CD (VCD).

If you let us know which CD software you use someone should be able to talk you through the stages.

Most CD writing SW allows you to choose what you are creating at the start, i.e. Data CD, Video CD.. etc..

After choosing Video CD, it should then let you point to your created movie, and author the Video CD automatically for you.


P.S. How's your new MESH been so far?

  charlton200 11:57 21 Dec 2004

Yes my Mesh is brilliant thanks I am glad you talked me into getting it.After all the problems I had with my evesham this is a real joy.
I am please with all the spec's I decided to get.

The cd creator is pinnacle.

Many thanks.

  Rigga 12:48 21 Dec 2004

Glad you're enjoying your MESH.

I don't have a copy of pinnacle to hand. But from the place where you choose to burn a new CD does it give you an option of which type of CD to burn? If so is there a video CD options?

If not, I'll look for a manual online an see if I can help more.


  charlton200 13:01 21 Dec 2004

there is a photo/video section but when i try to get my photo slideshow/music to go into it it won't.

  Rigga 14:05 21 Dec 2004

I've now found the pinnacle manual online, and it seems that pinnacle along with other CD writing SW i.e. Nero don't seem to support WMV files, which is what I presume you have created using Windows Movie Maker?

You may either need a different movie program to create an MPEG or AVI file, of your slideshow \ video or you may be able to convert the wmv file to MPEG or AVI. which you should then be able to import into pinnacle VCD writing.

STOP PRESS.... Just searched and found You can use tmpgenc > click here < which is free, to convert the file to MPEG format.


  charlton200 14:35 21 Dec 2004

MANY thanks Rigga,
I was thinking that they were the wrong type of files when I was geeting nowhere.
I will give this other place a try.

Many thanks.
Merry xmas to you.

  Rigga 14:42 21 Dec 2004

You're welcome, and Merry Christmas to you too!


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