windows movie maker - getting rid of the video

  mco 00:18 21 Aug 2005

Got a little .avi clip of a couple of minutes; audio is good but picture isn't. (too dark) I'd like to put just the audio up on my website but am not familiar with windows movie maker. I wonder if it's possible to edit it such that I just end up with an audio clip I can then convert to a suitable file for the web. it possible to remove the video bit and replace it with one still photo for the duration of the 2 mins audio? Failing that the only thing I can think of is playing it and recording it as an audio - but then I'd lose some quality. Suggestions please!

  ashdav 01:17 21 Aug 2005

use this click here
to extract the audio. It's a bit fiddly as the GUI is a bit weird. Then you can do what you want with it.

  mco 01:26 21 Aug 2005

In the meantime I found a converter programme that will convert avi to mp3 but unless you buy it you only get 50% with the free version.

  ashdav 01:28 21 Aug 2005

Opcode is free. Any problems post back. There are other ways but more fiddly.

  mco 01:40 21 Aug 2005

downloaded and recorded it no probs - neat little thing! BUT it then said windows media player couldn't play it , something to do with codec and error COOD1199

  mco 01:42 21 Aug 2005

checked out the file's properties and it definitely says it's an mp3 file - and I can play mp3 files ordinarily.

  ashdav 01:52 21 Aug 2005

You can try this click here (this is a direct link to the download). You can separate video from audio with this (also free).Open the folder then right click on the Virtualdubmod icon and send to desktop to create a shortcut icon. Double click on the icon and select file from the top toolbar. Click on Open video file then browse to your avi file.Open the file you want then let it run. When it's finished click on Streams from the toolbar then Stream list.Click on the stream you want (In your case there will be only one audio stream but if you do this with DVDs there may be a choice of languages). Select save WAV and create a store folder for your audio. Voila, audio extracted.

  ashdav 02:05 21 Aug 2005

Sorry I forgot you need to extract the folder after downloading it

  mco 11:48 21 Aug 2005

That one worked - thankyou very much - sorted!

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