Windows Movie Maker

  dads3a 19:37 17 Aug 2007

The kids made a thing in Windows Movie Maker with music and pictures.

Is there a way to convert this to get it on a DVD.


  holme 20:22 17 Aug 2007

None of the output formats from Windows Movie Maker are directly compatible with DVD, so the movie will need first to be converted into MPEG2 format.

Fortunately, any number of DVD-burning applications will do the conversion and burning for you, but it will take time to crunch all the numbers.

If you have a DVD-burner drive, the chances are it came with a CD containing suitable software, so first have a shufti at that. If that doesn't help. please ask for more info. HTH.

  eedcam 22:52 17 Aug 2007

Dads You can Export the file as DV-avi then you can burn it with Nero Be aware a dv-avi file is 13 G/bytes for one hours video. In wmm click on save to my computer then on the movie settings page tick other settings then from the dropdown box choose DV-AVI Pal. once you have the file if you have Nero you can burn with that if not there are several free AVi to dvd programmes

  holme 10:38 18 Aug 2007

I've been looking at this in more detail and some interesting points have turned up.

Firstly, it appears some variants of Windows Movie Maker 5.1 will allow you to select 'Save to DVD' directly and then burns the disc. We think this may be the Media Centre version.

If you haven't got that, eedcam's warning about AVI-format files being huge is important. If you find this a problem, we suggest using the WMV-format as an alternative. Frame-for-frame, WMV file size is 10-15 times smaller but IMHO there is no discernible difference in quality.

So if video file size is a problem, instead of selecting 'DV-AVI (PAL)', we suggest you select the next one down in the list - 'High Quality Video (PAL)'. Both formats save to DVD standards (720x576 pixels at 25fps).

If you haven't already got DVD-burning software (see my earlier post), here's a free converter/burner - Video DVD Maker - which is user-friendly and seems to work very well, click here


  dads3a 17:07 19 Aug 2007

Thanks people. Exported as AVI. Converted in Winavi and then burn't on Nero. 1 Happy child


  eedcam 17:53 19 Aug 2007

You could have gone straight to nero without converting in winavi

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