Windows Millennium - format hard drive

  iced_ms 15:00 25 Apr 2003

Different question, different computer....

My frined had two home computers that were set up as a home network by some IT guy. My friend had nothing but trouble with these computers and the internet and has never been able to access the net through either of them.
Last year i formated my friend and changed the OS to Win 98 and everything went fine.
She gave that computer away and so put her sons in her room, so i thought do the same thing again format the drive and load Win 98 but....surprise surprise dos doesn't accept format C..... been a while since i have been in dos so tried a couple of variations on format C: C:\
Nothing worked.....bad command or file name..... any clues?


  geeuk 15:04 25 Apr 2003


Boot up from a floppy disk click here then when booted type format c:..... sounds like the dos disk you are using does not have the format command on it.

  geeuk 15:04 25 Apr 2003

ignor the .... (format c:) only

  Lone Crow 15:07 25 Apr 2003

Assuming you are working from a floppy (boot) disk, are you sure the Format command is actually on the disk? Use dir/p to see the floppy contents and make sure it's there! If so, can only assume a corrupted format file, so suggest copying a fresh version onto the floppy from whatever your source is. Hope that helps. LC.

  King Diamond 15:08 25 Apr 2003

Did you use a DOS startup disc?

Sorry if I'm teaching you to suck eggs here, I don't know how much you know.

The startup disc is required so that various files can be loaded onto the machine, so that various commands can be used, like the format c ect.

Also, if the hard drive has been previously formated with the NTFS file system, like the one that comes with Win2000 or XP, then the format c will not work as thats a command that works with the FAT32 file system.

  iced_ms 15:16 25 Apr 2003

I used a windows 98 start up disc as when i tried to create one from her system it wouldn't let me said there were some files missing.

  geeuk 15:27 25 Apr 2003
  iced_ms 15:35 25 Apr 2003

thanks geeuk...... I'll let you guys know how it goes.....thanks for the help
Anyone got any ideas on my proxy error post?

  iced_ms 19:44 10 May 2003

I downloaded the boot disc from the site suggested by geeuk [thanks :)]
Everything is fine i was able to load Win98 one small has created a virtual drive which is a bit of a pain.
Can i get rid of the virtaul drive?

I have another couple of probs but i will post seperate Q's. Thanks all for the help :)

  spruce 21:22 10 May 2003

Find a file called and open it with winzip. All the files you need are in it.

  iced_ms 20:43 12 May 2003

I don't really understand what you mean. What files am i looking for in the cab file?

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