Windows ME...your opinions please!

  Fateful Shadow 12:51 11 May 2003

I'm probably an odd one out here, but I believe that Windows ME isn't really all that good. For example, I have 2 computers, one with Windows 95, and one with ME. Comparativly, my Win95 computer has given me less grief than WinME. I've never had so many errors or blue screens!

Does anyone believe that ME was really just to take advantage of the hype of the millenium, and not really as the next best OS?

In my opinion, I reckon ME is like the first edition of Windows 98, but it's probably just me!

  meatlaff2 13:01 11 May 2003

I'm on WIN ME and don't have much trouble with it. However, a mate of mine who builds comps still swears that WIN 95 is still the best OS. I get the occasional blue death error screen but on the whole I find it ok. Could it be that there may be something else causing the prob???

  -pops- 13:03 11 May 2003

Window ME is one of M$ less successful products which, like you, I believe, was launched in a bid to cash in on the hype of the millennium. The system we now know as XP was most likely to have been launched at that time but it wasn't ready so, what they did was to install certain new items into W98 (such as system restore and some others) and launch in time for the great fin de siecle or even fin de millennium celebrations. What they actually lauched was a hybrid that was something of a botch up. It spoiled many of the aspects of W98 and, as we now know, was a very poor substitute for the current flagship operating system, Windows XP.

I installed ME for a time and like you, had so many crashes and BSODs that I removed it fairly promptly and went back to 98se. After that debacle, I beta tested XP and the improvement was so obvious. I converted to the full paid up version of XP as soon as it was available and have never regretted it.


  mikef™ 13:03 11 May 2003

You're not wrong ME is a nightmare upgrading to XP on my old computer was the best thing I ever did and is a thing I would recommend to anyone using ME, or stick to 98SE which is better, however support to 98 is to end very soon.

  Fateful Shadow 13:07 11 May 2003

Thanks to everyone so far who has agreed with me so far, however I still accept the controversial points, ie from meatlaff2 and I am grateful for it.
PLEASE don't stop replying, because I'm trying to prove a point to someone.
Thankyou so much again :-)

  jazzypop 13:14 11 May 2003

This question has been asked more than once before. As I have previously said, my teenage sons use ME. Despite their best efforts (constant downloading of trial software / games etc), it has been steady as a rock.

Previously, they ran W98, and I was constantly having to bail them out and repair it. Go figure, as the say.

It certainly helps if you do a clean install of ME (instead of installing over the top of W98), and search for ME-specific drivers.

Personally, I just lurve XP :)

  Fateful Shadow 13:15 11 May 2003

When I was writing my last reply on this subject, guess what happened?
That's right, ME crashed and I got 2 BSOD's!
And who says ME is good :P

  powerless 13:16 11 May 2003

There are no Service Packs for ME? Only idividual updates?

windows ME and i have rarely gotten on very well unfortunately, it has some small improvements over 98se in its interface but has always proven to be very unstable on my systems.

although sometimes i wonder if this has been caused by only having an OEM recovery CD that instals a drive image and whether people who have bought the Full retail boxed product suffer the same problems?
ME does seem to be the unwanted child of microsoft and hasnt gotten much attention by way of updates. time to move on and jump ship to the NT string 9x is dead long live XP (until longhorn)

  DieSse 13:51 11 May 2003

I used ME from the time it appeared, until I switched to XP. I found it just as reliable as Win98, and better in some respects (such as installing new hardware).

I suspect it is more taxing on hardware, and hardware advances have for the last few years tended to be somewhat "iffy" in some respects - with lots of below par items (RAM is a prime example) on the market - it's generally meant more intermittent hardware problems. And how do these manifest themselves - crashes and BSODs mainly.

However, I'm very impressed with XP, and found it very solid as long as good quality components are used for the hardware.

  _Treb_ 15:02 11 May 2003

I swear by 98SE and swear at ME. However I am having to use ME on my PC due to the fact that it more often than not will not shut down under 98SE even after applying the fixes. My Athlon XP1700+, with 512DDR, Radeon 9000Pro runs on ME (shhh not too loudly it might hear). and my Athlon 650 with 98Megs Ram and ATI Rage Fury Maxx runs on 98SE.

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