Windows Metafile Format editor/eraser. Please.

  LAP 11:32 26 Aug 2006

My wife uses the drawings/sketches in PrintMaster 16 which most are WMF files. She copies these into Microsoft Word to produce joke books.(she does have permission from Printmaster) The Editor in Printmaster is no good ie she requires some sort of eraser. She has used Adobe Elements the only problem is that when she copies these to Word she losers some of the quality.

I have downloaded a couple of freebies but they are designed for editing WMF files for the web ie they break the design down into pixels.

All she wants is a more flexible software and will pay. Any ideas please?

  LAP 14:17 26 Aug 2006


  LAP 08:00 27 Aug 2006


  Pesala 13:00 27 Aug 2006

Draw Plus 4.0 click here is Free, and that will create WMF vector file types. Page Plus 9 click here is a Desktop Publishing Program that can also export WMF vector graphics. The extra options in a DTP program for working with longer blocks of text, make it a better choice in my view, though it won't make GIF animations.

  LAP 14:22 27 Aug 2006

Thanks for the reply Pesala. I have Draw Plus 4.0 and GreenStreet which is very similar to Page Plus 9. All she wants is an 'eraser' the same as you get in a photo editing software that will allow her to rub bits out, then export them to Word without losing the quality.

  Pesala 16:24 27 Aug 2006

Erasers only work with bitmap images, When editing vector images you have to delete entire objects, or lay another object over the top to obscure what you want to erase.

Programs like Irfan View will open WMF as bitmaps, but as you found, the resolution is usually too low (72 dpi) to be high quality. That is why you need to export it from WMF to a bitmap format first from another program that can handle vector images.

I imported this image click here into PagePlus 9 • Placed it to fit the A4 page width • Exported it to PNG at 300 dpi • Opened it in Irfan View • Did some crude editing • And saved it with a transparent background to get this image: click here

At full size you can see that the curves of a WMF are not curves at all, but lots of small straight lines. That's fine unless you want to print them as full-page images. To make the curves smooth, you would need to redraw the images in a drawing program like Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw, and export your graphics to PNG from that. Hopefully, the images that your wife has are already good enough as metafiles.

  LAP 09:19 28 Aug 2006

Thank you very much. I had given up hope, but with your explanation my wife will be able to edit her pictures the way she wants. Thanks once again..Lap..

  Pesala 22:39 28 Aug 2006

Glad to hear that it solved the problem for you.

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