Windows Messenger, what is going on ?

  timothywilliam 20:27 16 Oct 2003

I have Windows Messenger as an Icon in my Task Bar which was already installed when I purchased my Evesham computer with XP a year ago. I have never used it, nor ever likely to.
These last two weeks I keep getting a Dialogue Box every time I connect to the Internet saying the old version is now out of date and I MUST install the new one. Just to get rid of the continual Dialogue Box appearing I looked at the site and the download time is 54 minutes. I am not spending that much telephone time on my Pay As You Go account for something I don't want. I am not sure a) how to stop this blessed thing from driving me potty with its continual Dialogue Boxes, or b)how to just leave what I have on even if it is now going to be useless. Any ideas please ?

  [email protected] 21:09 16 Oct 2003

Go to click here and your problem will be solved. Good Luck

  fred 21:21 16 Oct 2003

Thanks [email protected] I had the same problem.

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