Windows Messenger & MS Messenger running together

  ch0pper 22:36 23 May 2004

Last night, I carefully set up Windows Messenegr to run using my hotmail account as it's 'base'. and I had MS Messenger running with my normal e-mail ddress as it's 'base'.

Both were working fine.

However, when I flashed up the Pc this evenign, and loaded MS Messenger, I saw that the Windows Messenger details had been applied. When I ran Widnows Messenger, it too ran the same list and details.

It seems that I've lost my contact list and correct logon for MS Messenger.

Does anyone know how I might get this back? Do I have to find and delete the .Net passport thingy?

  VoG II 22:38 23 May 2004

Do you need both of them?

  ch0pper 23:00 23 May 2004


I want to run one for my 'private' contacts - thru hotmail, and the other with my more 'formal' work-related contacts.

I have d/l the MS Knowledge Base article 330117 and have managed to load both things seperately, but if I try to load MS Messenger when online, it simply goes right to the hotmail-based account.

If I start Windows Messanger and MS Messenger offline, and then go online it seem to be OK.

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