Windows messenger automaticaly signing me in!!

  gazmix 19:17 05 Oct 2007

I recently had a problem with my pc & ran ComboFix with the help of someone on a HijachThis forum.

Since then, when i turn my pc on, my messenger programme opens on my desktop as usual, but it starts to sign me in, which i don't want. How can i stop this??

Also, i had a popup from Windows Firewall saying 'messenger' for some reason, as i thought it was turned off seeing as i have my own firewall!



  Gamer555 19:34 05 Oct 2007

On the box where it shows your contacts and who's online or offline, click 'Tools' at the top toolbar, then go 'options' and 'prefrences' I thnk it says. Then it will have different choices such as 'Run this program automatically when Windows starts' and 'Automatically sign in when this program opens' and things like that. Just choose what you want!

  harps1h 19:40 05 Oct 2007

these are relatively simple to solve.

1/ the messenger sign in: on the sign in screen there are three options, the bottom one is "sign me in automatically". if this is checked just uncheck it. alternatively to stop messenger opening, click on the tools tab on the sin in page, choose options from the drop down menu. once there go to the general tab and uncheck the box saying "sign me in automatically when i log into windows" and that should do the trick.

2/to disable the windows firewall, go to control panel, security centre. there select the firewall setting and open it. there select turn off the firewall tab. at the tab you will also see a "recommendations" link, click on it and there is a check box which states "i have a firewall solution that i'll monitor myself" check the box and exit out.

job done


  gazmix 00:11 06 Oct 2007

I did as you said & all seems fine.
I'm wondering the diference between Windows messenger & msn messenger as i had msn & now have Windows messenger 8.1!

I wonder how the Windows Firewall could have brought up this prompt about 'messenger' after i ran ComboFix.

When i go to search & files/folders &ru the search for mesenger, i see entries in programme files to do with msn messenger that i no longer have, am i ok to delete these?? some seem unusual & i'm not sure! I hope you can help.



  tullie 07:00 06 Oct 2007

When you install a third party firewall,windows firewall is usually disabled,are you sure yours is on,which is it?

  harps1h 08:07 06 Oct 2007

when I first installed my wireless router it stayed enabled as it did not recognize the hardware firewall in the router, that is why i disabled mine. I suspect this is what has happened here

  gazmix 12:28 08 Oct 2007

When you say which is it, i'm assuming you mean which Windows Firewall is!, well it's the one on XP, but if you mean which 3rd party Firwewall, i have Ashampoo version 2.
Ever since i've had this pc, i don't ever recall having WFW enabled, unless it is on by default & when i installed my 1st Firewall, ZA free, it disabled itself.
I changed firewalls & now am concerned that it doesn't recognise Ashampoo & therefore i'm not protected as maybe one iof my configurations may be incorrect. My WFW is now off.

  birdface 14:34 08 Oct 2007

When you up-graded to Windows messenger it would have also have up-graded your contacts to W/messenger,Now those files may contain a list of your contacts etc so if doing no harm I would just leave them.

  gazmix 17:21 08 Oct 2007

Your right buteman, my ex msn messenger 7.5 upgraded to WLM 8.1 added my contacts!
Is this why WFW popped up with a message saying 'messenger'!
My worry now seems to be more about WFW than messenger as i'm not sure wether it had been turned on in the past, could it have been as i had ZA free & if i'm ok with it turned off now as i have Ashampoo 2.??


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