windows messenger

  conrail 10:29 10 Mar 2008

can someone explain please on emails my wife is receiving, she gets messages from Instant Messenger, saying I want to talk to her and to log in, it gives my email address, we both have messenger turned off and as my pc is in the same room as her laptop I can think of eassier ways to talk to her, so if anybody can explain this |would love to hear it, thanks

  johnnyrocker 12:16 10 Mar 2008

has anyone you know got your details? try uninstall/reinstall?


  conrail 16:31 10 Mar 2008

thanks johnnyrocker, a lot of friends, family and coleagues know my email address, I should have mentioned we both use xp home with (I think it's) ie6 but don't use and have messenger disabled.

  birdface 17:12 10 Mar 2008

Maybe someone has hacked into your computer.I don't know if anyone can get in if you are using a wireless router or not.One of your neighbors maybe.I am only guessing of course as I know nothing of routers.

  conrail 09:19 11 Mar 2008

thanks buteman I use wireless but no neibours within reach, I have run a full scan with AVG, adaware, spybot and a2squared on wifes laptop and my pc, also sons laptop, he uses his for uni so I always check that on a weekly basis. unfortunately wife deleted the message after showing it to me but beore I could get any other info off it, it just said <my name> wants to get in touch with you, click here to see his message then it had me email address below it.

  birdface 10:00 12 Mar 2008

Have you used any of your friends computers and maybe left your W/messenger address and password on there.The only other thing I can think of is that one of your friends computers has a virus and sends out messages to everyone in there address book.Maybe someone else will come up with a better explanation for you.But you will just have to wait and see if it comes back again.

  conrail 14:01 12 Mar 2008

thanks buteman but one of the first things I did with the pc and also with wifes laptop is disable messenger, the only pc I use is mine, I use my wifes and my sons new laptop once a week to run adaware, spybot, avg and a2squared, I also defrag theirs at the same time, not exactly at the same time but one process after the other, usually defrag, avg, a2square, spybot and adaware in that order, (this way I don't end up running the same process twice on one machine)

  johnnyrocker 14:46 12 Mar 2008

the cause was?


  conrail 18:48 12 Mar 2008

haven't a clue on what caused it, just an email from Instant Messenger saying I wanted to talk to my wife and to click on link, both wife and I work from home and have messenger disabled, unless this is a different messenger? and as we both work in the same room if I want to speak to her I willjust talk normally, I don't need to email her

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