Windows Messanger / Net Passport

  pekingzibaduck 17:57 26 Oct 2005

Hi there

How do I stop windows Messnager/Net passport from remembering the email addresses I have used?

It doesn't remember passwords but keeps the addresses in a drop down.

This is the only site that keeps the addresses/logins as I have the PC set not to remember.

I am using XP and as far as I know it's the latest version of Messanger.


  pekingzibaduck 19:04 26 Oct 2005

Thanks -
I was able to delete the addresses and when I logged in the next time the drop down was empty.

But when i logged out and back in again it had remembered my usermname again.

How do I stop this?

  ianeon 19:26 26 Oct 2005

Why not get rid of WINDOWS MESSENGER and install MSN MESSENGER the latest update ( 7.5 ) is quite good

  pekingzibaduck 19:38 26 Oct 2005

MSN Messanger does the same.
Clicking on either MSN Messanger or Microsoft Messanger bring up a Net Passport log in box. It is this box that I want to stop remembering my Login Details (ie email address)

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