Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool

  ianeon 09:21 27 Nov 2007

I have a new computer running Vista Home Premium - I opened "Administrative Tools" and ran "Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool" - The scan reported "That hardware problems were detected contact computer manufacturer" on re-boot the screen then said "your computer has a memory problem" - BUT - it didn't tell me what the problem was, nor did it tell me how to fix this problem - can anyone help please - Thank you for your time - Ian

  gudgulf 09:30 27 Nov 2007

"I have a new computer ....."

If it's shop bought then contact the store you bought it from or the manufacturer.

Tell them you have run the Memory Checker and have faults reported.

The memory checker runs before Windows starts up and is testing the RAM modules for any bad sectors.It's looking for hardware faults, either manufacturing defects or signs of failure in ageing memory modules.

This is very important with VISTA as it uses all the RAM all the time in a randomised fashion (to boost security).

If there are any bad sectors on one of your RAM sticks then VISTA will try to use them and you might get system crashes.

You need to get the system checked out and any bad sticks of RAM replaced.

  ianeon 14:45 27 Nov 2007

gudgulf - Thank you for that thought - I have E-Mailed my supplier - In the mean time are there any other checks I can do?

  keef66 16:38 27 Nov 2007

you could Google for and download Memtest86, use it to create a bootable disk, and start the pc with the disc in the drive. It will run a series of dos based memory diagnostic tests until you tell it to stop. If your ram is duff it will pretty quickly tell you so and start to report failures.

  skidzy 17:03 27 Nov 2007

Memtest bootable click here

Let this run for a couple of hours at least.

You may need to change the bios boot order for Memtest to boot.

Once downloaded and burnt to cd,check your bios is set to boot from cd first as opposed to hdd.
Then place the Memtest disc in the cd drawer and reboot the computer,this will boot into memtest and the diagnostic test will begin.

  ianeon 14:51 02 Dec 2007

Good morning - The problem was solved by removing the FOUR memory sticks and replacing them TWO sticks( still keeping the same amount of memory ) - Thank you for your help - Ian

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