windows media player vs i tunes??

  moby58 00:15 23 Feb 2005

just bought an ipod----[with a few complications]..BUT do i need windows m player and" i tunes"??i'd be quite happy with just2 i tunes",and delete "windows media player"...any thoughts or suggestions??

  chrishillcoat 00:34 23 Feb 2005

You should keep Windows Media Player for playing certain video files (.WMV, for example)... but you certainly don't need to use it most of the time!

  Jak_1 00:41 23 Feb 2005

Agreed, foolish to rely on one media player especially as they are free. I find WMP excelemt for movie files but some wont play on it but will with real player. iTunes is good for mp3's.
Computing is about choice, one proggy is good at somethings and another similar is good for others. Also try winamp.
With today's technology why restrict yourself!

  mAc-warrior 00:59 23 Feb 2005

For your iPod, iTunes is easily the best. iTunes integrates perfectly with the iPod and because of this it would be foolish to try to use anything else with it. iTunes is also an excellent music player. Many, many people consider it to be the best available. On top of that, the iTunes Music Store is available through the iTunes application itself.


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