Windows Media Player slowing and becoming glitchy

  onza40 10:19 02 Mar 2008

Hey guys, now that I got vista fixed with some help from everyone on these forums. I have noticed that WMP has become laggy.
20 seconds (or so) before the end of a song, the playback stalls a couple of times in a jerky manner for 3 seconds then plays normally to the end. I have no crossfading enabled but I assume the issue is something to do with loading the next song for playback as it also takes longer than usual to load songs when I double click them.
It's not like I'm low on RAM or processor power either, looking at my dual core monitor in the sidebar I have 1gb of free RAM and like 90% of both cores free.
I've tried running as admin to see if it made any difference but to no avail.
I have my music stored on C: and my vista partition is D: but this has never given me any problems in the past so I don't see why it should now.
Any ideas?

  Thatslife 11:11 02 Mar 2008

Have you tried using a different program eg real player/itunes/vlc to listen to your music.

If so do you experience the same symptoms?

  onza40 12:23 02 Mar 2008

I'll have a look with real player now. I don't mind using players other than WMP but the glitchy thing is odd and I'd prefer to get it sorted than to work around.

  onza40 16:08 03 Mar 2008

Alrighty, Real Player did the latest update and is now broken and won't run at all.
Help plz.

  Jake_027 14:24 04 Mar 2008


  onza40 09:18 20 Mar 2008

Real Player working, media player still glitchy at best, its never done this before which is why I find it odd, I've made sure it has the correct permissions to access the folder and I've even tried running it as admin, someone must know whats going on.

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