Windows Media Player Query

  Big Trev 15:50 22 Jan 2005

Does anybody know how to sort songs in a playlist in alphebetical order by song title? It doesn't seem to be an option on the latest version, and I'm getting fed up arranging them manually.

  rawprawn 17:02 22 Jan 2005

As far as I know, the songs play in the order you add them to the playlist unless you select shuffle

  Michendi 18:04 22 Jan 2005

Changing your player to Winamp is one solution. Playlists can then be sorted by Title, Filename or Path. You will be able to import your WMP Playlists. I used WMP for years. Changed to Winamp 6 months ago and find it is better suited to my requirements.

  Big Trev 18:10 22 Jan 2005

I was using itunes, but I found it very demanding on my system resources.

Where can one get Winamp?

  Michendi 20:38 22 Jan 2005

You will find Winamp at click here

Type winamp into the Search Box. IMPORTANT : All versions of Winamp will be displayed. Make sure that you download the latest Full version which is version 5.08.

I find that it uses very few resources. If you set up a "Performance" window you will see that critical system resources are hardly impacted.

  Big Trev 00:10 23 Jan 2005


  Robotic_Rob 01:54 23 Jan 2005

Stick with windows media player! You can sort out your play list!
You go to the "Now Playing" window and just above the play list, you click on "Now Playing List" and go down the options.
And hover over "Sort". You have the option 2 sort by Name, Artist, Album, Rating and File Name. Or that is all i have to do with the Windows Media Player 10.

Im sure that it will be exactly the same in older Windows Media PLayers. But i think on the older versions you click on the "Now Playing List" at the bottom of the play list.

I found Winamp to not be very good. It looks poo no matter what skin you put on it. It only played to 2 of the 4 of my speakers and i just generally dont like it.

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 02:23 23 Jan 2005

Also you can pre set a sort by. Right click on a playlist and choose Edit. You can the add a 'sort' criteria and sort by many options.

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