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  nick_j007 13:52 06 Mar 2004


On WMP9 I have all my albums and music listed twice!
This happened I reckon when I added a new HDD to the media bay of my Dell laptop. I copied all the music over to the new drive, and deleted what was on the original C drive.
I suspect WMP then saw it there and updated the library thus it showing twice.
How do you suggest I delete all that is there in the library and to then send it a fresh list that exists on the new HDD reflecting what I truly have?

I can't see anything obvious to do.



  Diodorus Siculus 14:10 06 Mar 2004

Go into media library and see what is listed there; you should see two copies of everything. You can then delete the extras.

Just do one to begin with and if it works, you can try with the others.

  nick_j007 15:01 06 Mar 2004


I did think I could go about it in that way but as I have over 300 CD's in there the prospect was daunting. The chances of me pressing the wrong button at some point seemed too high.
This may be the only approach.

I was going to try to delete the whole library (not the actually tracks though) and re-import it. A shortcut to do that I wonder?

Biggus Nickus (he has a wife you know!)

  temp003 04:50 07 Mar 2004

Even if you delete all and re-add the current music files, it wouldn't take that long.

First double check one setting. Tools, Options, Media Library tab. Make sure the box for "Delete item from your computer when deleted from Media Library" is NOT ticked. click OK.

Back in Media Library, just highlight any item in Media Library, press Ctrl-A to highlight all items, then right click and select Delete from Library.

Make sure in the next window, you select only delete from Media Library and NOT from your computer.

The just click Add, Add folder (and point to your new drive), and WMP will do it again.

Alternatively, probably safer and quicker, in WMP9, Media Library, right click any part of the columns bar (where you see Title, Artist, Album, Length and so on). You will see a list of possible columns you can add to the view.

Select File Name. A new column called File Name will appear showing where each music file is stored.

Single click the File Name column in the columns bar, and your music files will be rearranged in alphabetical order according to location of files.

This means that all songs supposedly on the old drive C will be listed together first, followed by those on the new drive X.

Highlight the first file supposedly on the old C drive. Press Shift key, keep it down, and press the down arrow on your keyboard to highlight all the files on C. Right click, Delete from Library.

  nick_j007 14:02 09 Mar 2004


Many thanks for your comprehensive reply.
I have just been looking at this and have done as you say.
I'm on the right tracks now, but my library still looks messy for a variety of reasons.
I am deleting from the library only I should add, not the computer too.

I am tempted to delete ALL records from the library, and then let it do a fresh update from my new drive X where all the music is currently kept. Any major pitfalls with this?

Ok, now, I have a couple of other issues/questions for you ;-)

1) The album pictures on the front of files. I like these very much, but on most they are only filling the upper left hand can I make it fill the whole folder front please? Might not be possible manually, but I have a couple that have done this somehow.

2) Again re the pictures. They are not viewable on a number of files in thumbnail viewing mode, but the details come up promptly when playing that album in WMP. How can I get these set up correctly please?

I am working on this now, so more q's might be coming as I go!

Thanks for any responses.


  temp003 14:35 09 Mar 2004

Sorry, can't help. Do you use XP? These features may be specific to XP (as I don't know what you're talking about lol). Hope someone else can help you.

If you're into searching and downloading information re your mp3 files / albums and so on to your Media Library, then after you're happy with what you've done, you might want to consider back up your Media Library (and do so from time to time).

The file to back up is CurrentDatabase_59R.wmdb. To see it you'll have to enable "Show hidden files and folders" in Folder Options.

It's in the folder C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Media Player

If you use XP, there's supposed to be another file in the same folder called wmpfolders or something like that. Back that up too if you have it (Aah, may be that's the folders you were referring to?)

Just make a copy of the file(s) and put them somewhere else. If ever you need to reformat and reinstall, you don't need to redo the whole thing again (provided the location of the music files remains the same - it's good having them on another drive!)

  nick_j007 14:41 09 Mar 2004

Well you have been of help anyway.

Yes I use XP home...hence my little album cover pictures on each album.

I think I shall delete the whole of my library and then import it all afresh after cleaning it up on my HDD.

Good point re the backing up...thanks.

Anyone else on the pictures query?


  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 14:48 09 Mar 2004

This usually happens when u have more than 1 pic in the file or the Thumbs.db file is corrupt in some way if you set to see all filess in folder options you should then see the thumbs.db file inside the folder delete this and then add the pic again to the file it will make a new .db file for that pic and should cure it.


  nick_j007 15:17 09 Mar 2004

Thanks for that.

But (!)

On the albums where there are no pictures there are no thumbs.db files but there is a file called desktop (type:configuration settings). However I CAN see the picture when it is playing in WMP. What's that about then? I need to get that picture I see in WMP onto the face of the file in my file browser.
I have tried updating the file etc using the built in on-line feature but it makes no odds.

I have tried deleting a thumbs.db file where I do have a picture to make it full size and not one quarter, but it seems to change nothing!

I must be near a solution?!



  toxin 15:34 09 Mar 2004

Deleting files from Media Library is a time consuming task; a much easier way is to delete the database and then start afresh.

If you want to delete the database, do the following:-

Dclick My Comp>Local disk (C) >Docs & Settings> Your login name> Local Settings> Appl Data> Microsoft> Media player> Here you should find some files with a .wmdb extension; probably "corrupt Database_***.wmdb" and/or "current database_***.wmdb".

Delete both and start your media library again from scratch, using WMP to search for the music files.

Hope this helps . Toxin.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 15:35 09 Mar 2004

Im not sure about that as i use winamp 5 for music and my pics when they do go like that deleting the db file usually cures it,it could be that wmp is altering the db file for another if you try to update the file of the net,if you have set your own pic to it wmp gets the info and
adds the pic it thinks should be there thus you get 2 pics or a small one.WMP i think get the info for the file bieng played of the web so u may well see the info then but not as a pic on your file.Can u go to where WMP gets it file info from and get the pics you need there.


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