Windows media player has died

  edenworkshops 11:18 28 Mar 2008


Some weeks ago I posted about a problem I was having with my version of Windows Media Player.

Any movie I tried to play suffered from very bad rendition of colour, it was so bad you could not watch anything.

I tried codecs and even using a player that did not need codecs the same problem remained, people offered solutions at the time but none of them worked, I cannot upgrade my version of WMP as I run win 2000.

Right now I cannot even open WMP it looks to me like it has gone and died.

Any suggestions...format and start again????


  brundle 11:20 28 Mar 2008

Tried other media players - do they do the same thing? Gomplayer ; click here

  hiwatt 11:22 28 Mar 2008

Can you not just uninstall it then reinstall and see if that helps?click here

  brundle 11:24 28 Mar 2008

"using a player that did not need codecs" - sorry, not reading carefully enough

  brundle 11:26 28 Mar 2008

Right click desktop, select Properties, click Settings, click Advanced, click Troubleshooting - what is Hardware Acceleration set to?

  pj123 12:11 28 Mar 2008

Have you tried JetAudio?

I use Jetaudio 6 but it now seems Jetaudio 7 is available.

It is free!

click here

  edenworkshops 13:08 28 Mar 2008

Thank you for your replies.

Yes all other players I have tried do the same thing.

hardware acceleration is set to full

I have managed to locate a copy of WMP v9 and I shall re-install it and keep my fingers crossed.

Thank you all again.


  edenworkshops 13:31 28 Mar 2008

Well so much for that, I downloaded WMP v9 which is the version I have installed.

I installed it and it seemed to install ok, but when I tried a video the same problem of crazy colours was there.

But at least when I click the WMP icon it comes to life, before I re-installed it I could not get any life out of it all.

So the quest continues!



  Jak_1 14:10 28 Mar 2008

Have you tried installing the k-lite codec pack?
click here

Also has your video driver become corrupt? Possibly re-installing the relevent video driver may help.

  rabadubdub 14:52 28 Mar 2008

A friend of mine had a similar problem a while ago - very low resolution all the time and sometimes not completely rendering - like a half-finished Lautrec painting.. It turned out to be a graphics card/driver problem. Though we never figured out why it started doing this (possibly corrupt drivers), we did fix it by removing then reinstalling the Graphic card (I think we may have had to change which PCI slot it was in, but not certain of that - bear it in mind, later). I am assuming you have a PCI card, and not AGP card or OnBoard graphics. For OnBoard, reinstalling drivers is the only option, aside from buying a card.
You haven't given a link to your earlier discussion so, I don't know what you've tried so far but I'll go from first principles.. I.E.-First try just reinstalling the drivers: Check manufacturer's website for latest drivers first ('google' their name).Once at their website look for support or downloads and, if it is an old card/motherboard you may have to check Archive or Legacy products. 'Might also be worth checking the site's FAQ or Forum for 'Known Issues'.
Remove the graphic card in DEVICE MANAGER (go into device manager[or whatver it's called in W2k] and select the graphic card, then click REMOVE, click OKs to exit and RESTART.
NB-To simply reinstall drivers, you DO NOT need to physically remove the card.
When the system restarts it should say "found new hardware" and start looking for drivers - allow it to look for the correct drivers - unless this card requires manual installation of drivers.. I suggest you check its documentation if you haven't done it before.
Once installed, you will probably be asked to Restart again - do so, and let us know how you get on.
I'll check back a bit later - I have to go out for a short while.
Hope this helps.


  rabadubdub 14:57 28 Mar 2008

You haven't given any DETAILS of which graphics card, if any, or motherboard you're using. Also details on processor (inc. speed) and how much memory is there in the system.
Requests for assistance should ALWAYS include these details to get best advice.


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