Windows Media Player duplicates and art work...

  nick_j007 16:37 19 Nov 2007

Hello all,

I have spent a fair bit of time assigning the art work to many of my albums in my library.

However, I have two or sometimes three copies of each track for the album and wish to strip it out and start again.

How can I do this and leave my art work there in the process please?

Thank you.


  six-h 20:52 19 Nov 2007

Sorry, can't help you, and will be facing the same probs. myself soon.
No one seems to use media player it apears!!
My problem is getting the visualisations to work again, and short of a re-install, seems there is no other way.
So I'll also be needing to mess with artwork and sort out my library again!
Another full days work for nothing!
Commiserations mate!
At least this response will bump your thread back up !!

  MCE2K5 21:14 19 Nov 2007

Have a look on here,

click here

  six-h 21:33 19 Nov 2007

since posting above, I managed to find my way to that site, and to post a query, though god knows if it will turn up in the right forum.
That must be the most user unfriendly site in history!!!
I won't hold my breath for a reply!
It seems that no one else has ever had this problem, and as for doing a re install again! well I wish Nick luck, but I think I've just lost the will to live!!!

  MCE2K5 21:37 19 Nov 2007

What are your visualisation problems.

I might be able to help.

  nick_j007 22:08 19 Nov 2007

This must be possible surely?!

Do post back should you have any further insights.


  six-h 23:22 19 Nov 2007

Thanks for offering to help,
I've PM'ed you rather than take over this thread, Hope you don't mind!

  six-h 23:25 19 Nov 2007

Do keep us informed of your progress, I'm sure that I for one will be in your shoes soon enough!!

  Kemistri 00:38 20 Nov 2007

All the artwork is stored in the folders that contain the corresponding album tracks, but they are hidden, so make sure that you can see hidden files. Artwork can be changed or reassigned simply by dragging any suitable image onto the relevant empty thumbnail in the media library, and for this purpose, you can easily use the existing images. It will copy the chosen image, make the necessary size variations, and overwrite any existing files that you no longer need. Keep your rip folder open and it's a pretty quick process to do a whole bunch of albums. When deleted unwanted music files, the images should remain in the

If you lack any images, there are obvious ways of acquiring equivalents.

  six-h 16:39 20 Nov 2007

Your statement: -
>>If you lack any images, there are obvious ways of acquiring equivalents<<

I've been following this thread 'cos I've messed up my visualizations, and the only way to get them back as far as I know, is a complete re-install, which brings me to a similar situation as nick_j007 - a messed up library.

Since my albums are mainly compilations that I have made, gleaning art work from "the usual source" opens a whole new can of worms in that this then edits my tracks and totally messes up my already messed up library.
Is there an easy way to acquire album artwork without any other strings, i.e. just the picture!

  Kemistri 17:03 20 Nov 2007

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