Windows Media Player - downloading mpeg files

  TimCDC 12:22 19 Jun 2003

I've been downloading some mpeg files to illustrate some PowerPoint presentations. I've previously been selecting to save to a particular folder that I set aside for downloads. But recently, the dialogue box no longer asks me which folder to save them into, but simply downloads to a temporary file, starts media player and plays the file. The file is there ok, but the result of this is that I can't save the file to disk, to use later etc. Can anyone advise how to resolve this? Thanks

  Lú-tzé 12:24 19 Jun 2003

How about rightclicking on the file and choosing "save as" - that way you can name it as you want, and download to where you would like it to be.

  Ali-232430 12:28 19 Jun 2003

Check tools-options. There are lots of options to play with including saving files etc.

  TimCDC 13:49 19 Jun 2003

Actually, what I'm noticing now is that some of the files on this site (click here) let me select a destination folder, while others don't, and will simply open straight into media player. I wonder why?
Can't get to right click on the file names, as they are paths, and can't seem to find the right option under tools-options...
still confused!

  leo49 15:02 19 Jun 2003

Even if you don't get the option of where to save files they're on your HDD so just do a search and fish them out of the Temp Internet/Content/* for later use.

All the files I tried on your 'click here'opened a small box with a download button which on clicking displayed the file name downloading to the temp folders so use it to search.


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