Windows media player a bit frustrating....

  hawthorn59 11:37 23 Jan 2009


I've just ripped an album to Windows Media Player and am a bit frustrated at 2 things:

1 It should the correct tracks, album name and artists, but did not find any album art

2 In Library, it does not place the album in alphabetical order. The list goes fine from a--z then it goes into headings like "unknown" "various artists" etc. But why shouldnt an album of various artists be placed in the correct place for its title? For example "O Sister Where Art Thou" album is under this annoying various artists heading.

This seems a very bad ordering system to me.

Also Ive just noticed something else.... I ripped a selection of Irish folk songs from various cds of mine, and out them in a folder called Irish Folk, but yet it insists in listing each song SEPERATELY under its original album, so a collection of 20 songs comes up as 20 different albums.

I dont think itunes did this when I used to have it, and Media Monkey was much better, but is now limited to 30 day trial I think.

Is there anything I can do?


  anskyber 11:44 23 Jan 2009

It can be configured as a starter here is album art click here

  anskyber 11:48 23 Jan 2009

I should add if you right click the empty toolbar at the top and choose tools then options it will get you started.

  Pineman100 16:38 23 Jan 2009

For your question 1 above, try this:

Right-click on the 'Paste art here' CD icon beside the album name. On the menu, click on 'Find Album Info'. This should open a website that will give you the full information about the album, including the cover art. Click to select it (there may be several versions) then follow the wizard.

  crosstrainer 16:43 23 Jan 2009

That it will only provide album art for bona fide, shop purchased CD's. Copied ones in different formats will play, but album art will not be downloaded. (DRM issue)

  hawthorn59 03:14 24 Jan 2009

These are original CDs. I've just inserted All Angels album Into Paradise, and while it finds the album title and list the songs correctly there is no album art. When I asked it to find album info, it came up with the same album, correct titles, but the album art of one of their other albums!

OK, it will do though its not correct, but why is Media Player behaving like this? When I used iTunes I dont recall such problems.

Also I still have my earlier problems of album sorting etc.

Would all my files now play in iTunes if I changed back? Can iTunes be configures to rip as mp3 not m4a or mp4? Does it automatically add restrictions still?


  mooly 07:55 24 Jan 2009

Media player goes online to find info, and it's the accuracy of the data base that counts. There is no info, titles, artwork etc on a CD. It works by comparing such things as playing time, number of tracks, length of tracks etc to identify the disc. I have one that media player identifies correctly, but lists all the tracks incorrectly. There's a very interesting tale too, a Classical pianist had a lot of "previously unreleased" material brought out on disc by their agents. With the advent of "Media player" these discs were being identified as other previously released items of other lesser known artists recordings.

  mooly 07:57 24 Jan 2009

It was Joyce Hatto,
click here

  hawthorn59 04:53 25 Jan 2009

Interesting! Also ironic that it was itunes that discovered it!

I can only conclude that the database used by iTunes and Media Monkey is better!

Im going to try Winamp and see what its like.



  AL47 12:23 25 Jan 2009

i use a third part program to do all the file nameing tag entering and album art adding.

that way i can decide if its right myself, it gies quite a few options sometimes

  hawthorn59 02:01 26 Jan 2009

WMP is SO frustrating!! I WANT to stay with it, but Ive just inserted a classical CD and fair enough it found the Album Art and track listings. But under Contributing Artist it just said "various artists".

So I played it using Winamp, and it too found the album and track listings. But it didnt find the Album Art, however it gave the name of the various artists for every track.

Pity there isnt ONE programme that will do it all. Well I think Media Monkey does but the free version is limited.

Has anyone any experience of Magix Music Manager or any other programme?



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