Windows Media Player 9.0 Problem

  jmnathan 23:03 18 Nov 2003


I donwloaded Windows Media Player 9.0 earlier today (took for ever on my dial up connection). I was having some problems, controls not auto-hiding in full screen mode being the most annoying. Anyway, After restarting my computer, Media Player will now no longer open up at all....I get an error message saying: "internal application error has occurred".

Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated, as I now cant watch any of my Simpsons episodes.... :-(


  gold 47 23:09 18 Nov 2003

You don't say what OS you are using as there are two versions of Media player 9 one for WME and ONE FOR XP i hope you have a restore point if you are running ME or XP as you can't uninstall Windows Media Player Nine.

  jmnathan 23:19 18 Nov 2003

I'm using XP. Does that mean I'm basically "buggered". I have uninstalled the upadte I downloaded, and the message told me it would unistall updates and restore to my original verison of MP

  Mike ® 23:22 18 Nov 2003
  gold 47 23:45 18 Nov 2003

If you have a restore point you should be able to restore to Media Player 8 if not you will have to format and reinstall XP,find a place where you can shout your head off you will feel better after.
If you can change the colour of media player you would have downloaded the right version for xp perhaps you download had become corrupt.

  jmnathan 23:55 18 Nov 2003

OK- managed to fix the problem. As suggested I did a system restore, but didnt need a restore point as it was automatically there as an update rather than a usual download.

Thanks for the help guys!

Now I can go sleep and watch the simpsons before... :-)

  gold 47 01:38 19 Nov 2003

Well done it would have been a real pain to reistall XP

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