windows media player 9 won't burn to cd

  The Mills 23:45 26 Feb 2005

Trying to burn a .WMA file to cd using windows media player 9 - when I try to do so I get the message
"The Easy CD Creator burning engine was not found on your system. Would you like to download and install it?".
I already use Easy CD Creator version 4 running on Windows 98SE to burn other cds with no problems. Anyone any idea what's happening and how I can fix it?

  GaT7 00:02 27 Feb 2005

You could try reinstalling WMP9 over itself. Look for a file called setup_wm (usually in \Program Files\Windows Media Player) & double-click it to bring up the setup wizard. Follow the wizard to reinstall.

Note: Even if it works, WMP9 will by default only burn CDs at a 2x speed (which is very slow). You'd be better off burning with ECDC4 & your CD-writer as you'll probably get a faster burn speed (dependent on your CD-writer burn speed(s) & the blank media, of course). G

  The Mills 00:06 27 Feb 2005

Already tried the reinstall. ECDC4 doesn't recognise WMA as a valid audio file type either so I can't use that.

  GaT7 00:47 27 Feb 2005

With EDCD, try creating/burning a Data CD (as against an Audio CD) with the WMA files. G

  britto 02:53 27 Feb 2005

I think Windows Media Player only burns to cd with XP,

  GaT7 23:01 27 Feb 2005

The Mills, I've just found this...try the free Nero cd-burning plugin from click here (more info click here & click here).

I've not tried the above plugin, but from personal experience, ECDC & Nero don't like each other - so you may have to uninstall ECDC (temporarily, at least) in order to use the Nero plugin. [There's also a free WMA plugin available from Nero click here, but I'm unsure what it does!].

I forgot to mention earlier that burning a DATA CD with WMA/MP3 files will only play in your PC's optical drives & in some newer home/car CD players (please check specs of your players). To make sure it plays in ALL players then you must burn an AUDIO (only) CD with ECDC/Nero/WMP.

britto, WMP9 has the 'Roxio CD Burning' plugin (which will work in Win98se/ME/2K). But as I said before, it'll only burn at 2x speed (unless one gets an upgrade from Roxio). G

  The Mills 23:53 01 Mar 2005

downloaded the nero plug in so now I can burn but now it tels me i haven't got enough licenses to burn the file which is wrong. The file was recently paid for and downloaded. Back to wanadoo I think to find out whats wrong now and why it wont let me burn it

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