Windows Media Player 9

  shaduf 16:28 18 Jan 2003
  shaduf 16:28 18 Jan 2003

Downloaded the Windows Media Player 9 upgrade the other day and the Media Library showed all the music files I have on my computer as I expected.
Today I have been going through the many music folders and files using explorer and have deleted quite a substantial number of them.
Unfortunately the deleted ones still appear on the list in Media Player, although they won't of course play. How do I get the list to update itself so that it only contains files actually on the computer.
Thanks in anticipation.

  Gaz 25 17:18 18 Jan 2003

it is not to do with the problem, but what do you thibk of WMP 9 series. Better than 8?

  shaduf 17:26 18 Jan 2003

WMP 9 is very different to previous versions and well worth the upgrade. There's so much in it that it takes a bit of getting round. I'm sure my problem is so blindingly obvious but I can't see it for looking.
I think that it would be very handy if you could download a manual in a PDF format. Really, when a program gets to be so big I think a manual is needed. The Help is good but it always takes a lot of ploughing through up all the dead ends.
But yes - definitely get it. The displays are super and it will keep you going for ages looking at all the facilities.

Now, come on somebody tell me how I get it to update.

  crx16 17:27 18 Jan 2003

delete all and re-search for media?

  crx16 17:28 18 Jan 2003

in future you could delete tracks from library,and you get the option to 'delete file from hard drive'.

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