Windows Media Player

  bruno 13:08 26 Feb 2009

I have installed WMP 11 and when I loaded its library from My Music I find that many of the tracks have copied themselves as many as five times. I use XP Home and it has all the updates. Also WMP 11 refuses to download data from the internet.Any suggestions?

  bruno 14:44 27 Feb 2009

Oh Well!

  bert52a 15:18 06 Jun 2009

I have no axe to grind.I uses theseforums to find answers or occasionally to help the odd person who is more confused than I am but I have to say that WMP is awful.I having been trying to get wmp to play on my Dell Laptop for about 2 years and I've looked everywhere on the net-the microsoft advice is impossible!-I've asked technicians and I've looked in all sorts of other forums.The most useful advice I had was to play media with vlc player.It doesn't have all the flashy bits that wmp11 does but it has the slight advantage that it works almost 100% and today it made me happy (in a sad way, I suppose) by telling me it could not play a file with an undf. format and then played it anyway.
wmp RIP. Viva VLC!

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