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  surfer47 20:40 21 Feb 2009

I am ripping music from my CDs on to my PC, all went well till one CD showed a different set of track to those on the CD. I have checked the tracks on the CD and they are as printed. This has only happened the once. Can anyone tell me why this should happen and can anything be done to get it right?

  Diodorus Siculus 21:38 21 Feb 2009

Track listings are probably coming from an online service such as Gracenote; likely the wrong info was entered there. This is often the case with lesser known compilations.

  surfer47 15:18 23 Feb 2009

Thank you for that, I did wonder bust the thing that puzzled me was the tracks on the CD were the right ones and I thought that when tracks were ripped tshey were ripped off the CD so why did the wrong tracks appear in the library?

  canarieslover 15:35 23 Feb 2009

Media Player went on line for info. Different country issues of CD may well have different track listings.

  surfer47 16:12 08 Mar 2009

Further to " Ripping CD's" I "tuned" into iTunes and found tshe track I could'nt find with Windows Media. Is there any way I can (a)export from Wmedia to itunes or (b) export from itunes to Windows Media.
For information when I tried to find data on the internet for one particular CD is was in Chinese when i used Windows but in english when I used itunes, stgrange eh.

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