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  Daiol 11:13 24 Dec 2006

Good morning.When inserting a cd into my pc to rip music to my media player,How do i get that music to go into the windows library not my music folder cant seemed to work it out i would like to rip into the library section if possible.Can you please help.Merry xmas to you all & thanks in advance.

  Pineman100 12:53 24 Dec 2006

I'm not sure I understand your problem, because I think WMP's Library tab does look at your My Music folder.

In Media Player, if you click Tools>Options>Rip Music, you will see that you are able to specify the destination folder for ripped music.

If you specify
C:\Documents and Settings\Your Login Name\My Documents\My Pictures\My Music
then any tracks that you rip should be available on WMP's Library tab.

Is that what you wanted?

  Daiol 13:58 24 Dec 2006

When i insert a cd into drive it automatically rips the cd with the windows media player.But when i look in the library section its not there it has been ripped to my music folder is that norm or should it go into the library section.when i click on the library tab in wmp the cd does not show up there anywhere.Thanks for your reply anyway,Pineman100.

  Pineman100 15:00 24 Dec 2006

Try this. In WMP go to Tools>Options>Library tab. Click the Monitor Folders button. Click the Add button, then in the new window browse to your My Music folder, then click all the OK's.

This should prompt the Library to look in your My Music folder.

  Daiol 15:14 24 Dec 2006

Thanks for info,Tried that but when i got to my music folder 'there were no OK'S there to check.

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