windows media player

  AMBIENCE 14:27 14 Oct 2006

i have version 10 of windows media player. when i insert a audio cd to rip i get a error messge saying it has encountered a problem and it stops. i never had this problem before as i have other music copied from cds in windows media player. please can someone help

  johnnyrocker 15:27 14 Oct 2006

licence issue?


  AMBIENCE 15:55 14 Oct 2006

thanks for your reply. there is not a problem with the there something i am doing wrong

  johnnyrocker 15:58 14 Oct 2006

it could be that one of the ms updates has produced this prob. when did it occur?


  AMBIENCE 16:03 14 Oct 2006

it has occurred just recently. i have just tried a different cd and it ripped some tracks to the library but not others.

  johnnyrocker 17:42 14 Oct 2006

still feel is something to do with copyright issue, try a different independant player?


  Chrisann 17:09 15 Oct 2006

On my old p.c. Windows Player will copy some C.D.s but not others...I thought it was something to do with their copyright issue...|Haven't tried on the new XP set up yet though with Windows Player 11. But will see.


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