Windows Media Player

  beautiful 12:09 22 Sep 2004

I have a problem using Windows Media Player. The video image is "upside down" and "back to front".

Could someone advise me how to correct this fault?



  Noelg23 12:14 22 Sep 2004

well there is something..thats odd..never come across that...

  Simon_P 12:15 22 Sep 2004

Dont know but this might helpclick here;EN-US;q269967

What version is it?

  Simon_P 12:17 22 Sep 2004


remove the space after // and paste it into your browser

  Simon_P 12:22 22 Sep 2004
  curlylad 12:36 22 Sep 2004

Right click a free area of your desktop , click properties , settings tab , click troubleshoot , tick 'videos or animations do not work correctly' , and follow on screen instruction.
I would use this Windows troubleshooter as a starting point in solving your problem.

  beautiful 14:59 27 Sep 2004

I still have the same fault. Around half the images that our down loaded are both upside down and back to front, this is on the video image.

Any one who can help, I would appreciate it.



  Stuartli 16:28 27 Sep 2004

Have you tried playing them in any other media player?

I seem to remember people having similar viewing problems creating video clips etc in editing programs - perhaps it's something on the same lines.

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