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  harpo 20:29 08 Mar 2004


I have latest media player installed running on athlon 2600+ machine, 1024MB RAM, 5.1 sound. I have some problems on an intermittent basis when media player stops playing some tracks on a cd - either MP3 or ordinary CD (these cd's work fine in normal audio players). This happens when I play them either on the DVD multi recorder or DVD ROM drive.

No error messages and wmp either stalls or skips to next track. If it stalls, I shut it down using ctrl, alt del as it won't shut down normally. WMP won't open again unless I reboot

this happens whether connected to net or not. At most I have outlook running in background, plus broadband connection and IE6 for surfing - surely this shouldn't challenge a machine with specs like these?

No conflicts on interrupts in device manager shown. I have zonealarm firewall installed - is this a known problem?

Have reinstalled and redownloaded latest version 3 times

Any help is gratefully received

Many thanks



  GaT7 00:25 09 Mar 2004

Hi Steve, sorry I cannot offer a direct solution to this particular problem, but would suggest, for troubleshooting purposes, downloading & installing an alternative Media player(s) to see if similar problems occur with them as well.

Some good freeware alternatives are: 1. RealOne Player - click here . 2. Musicmatch Jukebox - click here . 3. Quintessential Player - click here . 4. Winamp - click here . 5. Zoom Player - click here

Let's know how you get on. Good luck, G

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