windows media player

  suzie005 18:40 04 Feb 2004

still have version 7 and haven't changed cos i've had no problems.decided i want the new one but NOT upgrade. looked in add/remove but it isn't down so how do i remove the one already on my system?


  Diodorus Siculus 18:44 04 Feb 2004

Depends on your OS.

Can you go back to add/remove programs and see if it is listed under the windows components tab?

  dazzling 18:56 04 Feb 2004

does not media player nine uninstall 7 for you it certainly creates a restore point on xp before installing it.darren

  suzie005 18:59 04 Feb 2004

it is down in that section yes.running ME btw.


no idea.have looked on the MS media player site but got no info.

  dfghjkl 19:26 04 Feb 2004

i have changed wmp before,you dont uninstall the old one wmp, click upgrades then choose, then install on top.not sure what you mean when you say you want the new one but not upgrade.if you choose wmp 9 it will reinstall the lot over your old one

  suzie005 19:45 04 Feb 2004

ok don't laff.i want the new version cos i like the look of bored with the present one!!!

  dfghjkl 19:59 04 Feb 2004

i know what you mean,it is a lot brighter and certainly better looking,i like real player,they have just brought out a new one.there are mixed views on real player some hate it and say it takes over your pc,but i think it is the best.i use it for radio ,viewing media,copying,in fact everything

  suzie005 20:40 04 Feb 2004

shoved it on and it's real one player ( always had problems with real player) and it has it's uses but media player does me ok.used to have winamp till i had a conflict sumwhere along the line.uninstalled and never bothered with it again.

  dfghjkl 20:44 04 Feb 2004

glad you are sorted.peter.

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