windows media player

  nhojnhoj 22:20 22 Nov 2003

a continuing stoooooooooooooory but i have trouble with windows xp burning software...

if i uninstall windows media player will it automatically reinstall at start up or will i need to put the windows disk in?? or does it need to be downloaded from somewhere??

and will it re-install the windows xp burning bits?? or am i barking up the wrong tree??

most grateful for help, thank you

  johnnyrocker 22:23 22 Nov 2003

if the media player (you dont say what version) is your problem then uninstall it and get a new one from microsofts website/updates.


  nhojnhoj 22:30 22 Nov 2003

ok, sorry to ask dumb questions but will this reinstall the burning function as its not working at the moment.
i installed a non xp compatible copy of nero that buggered it up

also how do i know which version i have?

thank you

  johnnyrocker 22:36 22 Nov 2003

the help button should tell you the version or go into properties etc, i find your comment about nero strange as i have 5.5 with all the updates and it works fine with my xp, if the problem is recent why not do system restore to prior to the problems and install?


  nhojnhoj 22:44 22 Nov 2003

its a long story..but as you asked :>)

i put nero 5.5.8 on which just didn`t work.
i removed it then tried 5.5.9 and also put a dvd copier on called `dvd movie copy` - some american program.
(you have to bear in mind i had no real knowledge of burning at this stage)

this is when the problem started. if i put a blank disk in the rewriter drive and try to use windows xp burning software i get `d is not accessible:incorrect function`.

i did system restore but the problem remained!

i went to the nero website and used the remove nero tools but this hasn`t helped. i`ve posed the question on here at least four times without any success and i`ve scoured microsoft knowledge, i rang nec who supplied the drive and i`ve searched other forums as well but nothing has worked.
i figured maybe uninstalling then reinstalling WMP might help? theres no version number in `properties` by the way? can you help johnny??

  nhojnhoj 22:46 22 Nov 2003

oh! also i`ve tried nero 5.5.10 and am now on nero 6 which is working fine - its just this damn xp burning problem i want to solve

  Bazz2000 23:24 22 Nov 2003

Its a bit of a cop out and a right ball ache but how much unrecoverable data do you have on your pc? If you have the original discs for your programs you could back the rest of your files on a few CDRs and format the hard drive. A bit drastic but if nothing else has worked it might be an option.

  Stuartli 08:49 23 Nov 2003

You should download WMP9 from the Microsoft website - make sure you get the right version for your OS as there are several available.

You can find out your present version of WMP by clicking on Help at the top of the WMP page and then clicking on About.

It's the same for all Microsoft products...:-)

  nhojnhoj 15:34 23 Nov 2003

hello stuartli, i was hoping you might pass by with an idea or two....

I downloaded WMP9 last night successfully but the problem still remains....the dreaded `d: is not accessible incorrect function` still pops up!!

i`m loathe to reinstall windows as in truth i don`t even need the xp burning stuff but i don`t like being defeated by a machine..i would really like to crack this fault.

  m-221519 22:23 24 Nov 2003

cpu always 100% when restarting xp or turning on,how do you stop this as the computer just jams up.Also computer goes dead after about half an hour not in use and the keyboard or mouse do nothing.

  Stuartli 10:00 25 Nov 2003

Wrong thread..:-)

One of these should help, particularly link four:

click here=

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