Windows Media Player 10 problems

  Gherkin 14:02 15 Sep 2006

When I play a DVD on WMP 10, the sound & picture is disorted. Also I cannot play MP3 tracks I have downloaded, a message appears saying I need to download a security upgrade to play the tracks, however when I click to download a message appears saying WMP is not installed properly. I cannot uninstall & reinsatall it as it came ready installed on the PC. I have done checks & PC is saying that WMP is running fine. I've ran virus checks & updated everything that can be & still the problem persists. Recently noticed that DVD's have the same sound & picture distortions on 'Power Cinema', also preinstalled? Any advice would be gratefully recieved.

  ArrGee 14:03 15 Sep 2006

You may require the correct codec
click here

  Gherkin 14:05 15 Sep 2006

How do I aquire the correct codec?

  ArrGee 14:17 15 Sep 2006

Have you clicked on the link? Download the full codec pack.

  Stuartli 14:44 15 Sep 2006

Also ensure that all File Types are Enabled from WMP's Tools>Options>File Types plus the DVD tab.

  Gherkin 17:58 15 Sep 2006

Yes, I did click the link, that's when the message to reinstall appaered. I went to open tools etc on WMP. to enable all files, however now the whole programme just crashes & won't respond!! Help!

  ArrGee 20:28 15 Sep 2006

Re-install WMP10 (or WMP11) then load in the codecs.

  Gherkin 20:36 15 Sep 2006

WMP was already installed on PC. If I download it again from Microsoft will this cause further probs? As DVD's will not play on other applications that allow DVD play back too, such as 'Power Cinema', so could it be a more general problem rather than isolated to WMP? And still unaware what codecs are or how to load them!!! Sorry!!! (Thanks for advice).

  Stuartli 00:05 16 Sep 2006

Download the K-Lite audio and video codecs as recommendd by ArrGee (disable Windows Media Player Classic if you prefer) and install them.

Windows Media Player, if you Enable all the File Types, will use the correct codec(s) as required.

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