Windows Media Player 10. Internal fault?

  Sapins 16:52 23 Jun 2006

My brother-in-law had? media player on his XP system, not sure which edition, but his local expert forgot to put it back after sorting out some problem or other, I think he may have used the restore disc that came with the new computer and had to re-install everything.

My B-I-L has downloaded Media Player 10 and installed it but when he tries to "play" an e-mail attachment he just gets "internal error" and it won't open. Anyone got the answer to this please?

  mike1967 17:05 23 Jun 2006

Maybe the attatchment is at fault can you play it?

  Sapins 17:14 23 Jun 2006

I haven't tried that, he lives in the UK and I in France, I'll ask him to forward the e-mail. Thanks for your help,



  Sapins 09:29 24 Jun 2006

Hi, I have received the file/s in an e-mail and it consists of an attachment which when I open it shows 3 files. The first one is _zoom_flash[1].swf (1.48kb), the second is a .wvm (2.51mb) and the third is a .mpg (1.47mb). I can open the second and third files with Windows Media Player 10. The first one looks to me like some sort of "player" needed to open the others? I had a programme that explains what each file type is but it is buried somewhere in my list of Favourites, I will have to look for it. I will see if my B-I-L will allow me to use Remote Assistance with him and have a look at how he is downloading and installing Media Player.

Thanks again for your help, much appreciated,



  brundle 09:32 24 Jun 2006

the .swf is a shockwave/flash file - media player doesn't play those, you need a stand alone player to view them offline/separate from a webpage
click here

  Sapins 09:41 24 Jun 2006

Many thanks for that, will tell B-I-L to get it, as I have, just.



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