Windows Media Player 10 and DVD Playing

  zemdarin 21:19 05 Oct 2005

I used to put a DVD into my DVD rom drive and it would open in Windows media and play. Since I have had the new 10 player it doesn't seem to work properly, and I am told there isn't a DVD decoder present. Was there one in the old players or is this something new? If so I have scoured through Google without a lot of help trying to find one that will make it play. Any suggestions anybody please

  zemdarin 11:43 07 Oct 2005

Anybody have an answer to this at all

  rawprawn 13:58 07 Oct 2005

I had exactly the same problem, managed to solve it by buying Power Pack but you could buy DVD SE.
click here works a treat with Real Player aswell.I could not find a way to do it free of charge.

  De Marcus™ 14:20 07 Oct 2005

If your DVD's played fine in wmp9 you must have had a codec installed for it to playback. If you have any other software such as powerdvd or anything similar which also plays back DVD's try uninstalling and reinstalling it in the event that the wmp10 hasn't picked up on it.

  Stuartli 15:39 07 Oct 2005

Also check that DVD and the various codecs are enabled in WMP from Tools>Options>File Types.

Try downloading the standard K-lite codecs pack from:

click here

  lixdexik 16:15 07 Oct 2005

and was given a link to some free codecs, they worked a treat for me.

click here and see if they work for you.

Cheers Lixdexik.

  Stuartli 19:49 07 Oct 2005

K-Lite link again...:-)

  zemdarin 19:52 07 Oct 2005

Hi All
Thank you for all your suggestions. I do have Power DVD and the sound in there is as bad as Windows Media Player. I can view the DVDs it is the sound that is bad. I had no problem until I switched my graphics card from Nvidea to ATI. I don't watch videos on my computer but I hate it when it doesn't play like it used to. I am not sure about downloading all those codecs, I never seemed to need them before. I did notice in Windows Media player that the file type DVD was unticked. I have now put a tick in that box and will see if it makes a difference after rebooting. It certainly didn't just now. Why would you need all those codecs when everything worked fine for DVDs once?

  zemdarin 19:55 07 Oct 2005

Hi De Marcus I did uninstall and reinstall Power DVD, it didn't make any difference

  Stuartli 23:38 07 Oct 2005

Do you have Via motherboard chipsets?

You will also need to check the Volume icon's configuration.

Mine keeps disabling the microphone mute which causes considerable feedback when using a headphone/mike set with Skype or a PCI TV card. Muting the mike brings back the status quo, but doesn't affect Skype use.

  zemdarin 23:58 07 Oct 2005

Hi Thanks stuartli I do have via motherboard chipset, but my volume control is OK. I have just updated my ATI graphic card drivers as well. It still won't play the sound right. I have an old creative pci sound card and wondered if I updated the drivers for that it might work. Am not quite sure which drivers I need though. At the moment it is a Creative Audio PCI (ES1371 ES1373) WDM looks also like 2002 version.

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