Windows Media Player 10 - can't listen to radio

  TimCDC 13:14 27 Oct 2004

I recently updated WMP to version 10 (from version 9). When I tried to listen to internet radio stations, it required different plugins and then still wouldn't let me - after some frustrating attempts, i simply rolled back to version 9, and can again listen (ordinary stations like jazzfm or classicfm and another one, moontaxi). I'd quite like to be running wmp10 - can anyone else tell me whether this was me failing to do something important, whether there is a workaround, or whether this is a recognised problem with wmp10?

  Noelg23 13:56 27 Oct 2004

so far as I know Win Media 10 has no radio presets on it...I have been looking aswell but I only listen to one radi station which I have put on Win Media 10 meself from the web site of that radio station so its in my playlist. but with regards to the preset ones well they should be there. have been to the site and theres not much I could dig out but this link might help click here

  TimCDC 14:06 27 Oct 2004

It does look from that link as though I should be able to carry on listening - will have another go!

  Yo Ho 15:37 27 Oct 2004

I've tried downloading it before, but got a message that it was only compatible with WinXP. I was running 2k on that machine. I have just downloaded it onto this machine, and all my fav stations are playing ok. BBC areas, Capital, Capital Gold, etc. I didn't alter any settings, just left it at default.

  TimCDC 16:01 27 Oct 2004

Have just tried downloading and installing again. All seems fine. I then go to the radio tab, and get the range of different type of radio stations, world, jazz, pop etc. When I click on those, it needs music manager installed. Which I do. And then when I go back to the stations, it says that I need to log in - presumably to msn music. But that needs me to pay? Surely I can still listen to some internet radio stations for free?

  Yo Ho 16:18 27 Oct 2004

I've never used any of those facilities, just online versions of terrestial broadcasts, but it looks like they are digital broadcsts, and you will have to pay. You can get the BBC ones free. Will have another mess around, and see what happens.
Try this url in your address bar, and see if you can listen to that. click here

  Yo Ho 16:25 27 Oct 2004

No. Not getting anywhere with that. They're [email protected]@kin money. Why not do as I do, and google stations, and put them in a folder in your favourites. At least it works.
Good luck m8.

  Border View 16:26 27 Oct 2004

I too recently upgraded to Windows Media Player 10
and whilst on WMP 9 I could listen to Classic FM all I get now is "connecting to media". I can hear other stations OK. My OS is Windows 98SE. Wonder what we have to do to get Classic FM - think I shall e-mail the radio station direct.

  Border View 16:32 27 Oct 2004

Just to let you know that ran WMP again and tried to connect to Classic FM. (I am on broadband) It took about four minutes to come through. You think nothing is going to happen then wham - turn the speakers down a bit. Got there in the end.

  Yo Ho 16:47 27 Oct 2004

I've just logged into them, with no trouble at all, just by going direct to their site. Here's the URL. click here

  TimCDC 17:28 27 Oct 2004

I'm beginning to understand part of this better! YoHo's point about digital and terrestrial broadcasts makes sense to me - it looks as though I would have to pay for the list of stations on the WMP10 radio tab, but I can still get into, e.g. CapitalGold using the link that YoHo put up (thanks!). But strangely, the classicfm site doesn't work, just buffers and then stops. But if I roll back to WMP9, it connects ok. Strange. Can't test out any of hte BBC stations as am logged in at work and that server is blocked. Can anyone explain that? I'm beginning to think I may as well just stick with WMP9?

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