Windows media codec update- failed to install

  jack 15:02 10 Apr 2009

Several times in recant days when booting up the above Win Media codec update have come up for install.
However each attempt to install each has failed.

So do I need them?
If I do, why do they not install?

  Graphicool1 15:12 10 Apr 2009

Windows Essentials Codec Pack, or WECP for short, is one of the most comprehensive collection of Media Codecs, Filters, Splitters and other tools that will enable you to play 99% of all the movies, music and flash files you download off the internet. WECP also includes a set of powerful filters that can enhance the video quality as well as audio quality and it comes complete with an automatic update service that will keep your computer up-to-date with the latest software upgrades as soon as they become available.
Which formats does W.E.C.P supports?
WECP is designed as a near complete solution for all your video and audio needs, with it you can play Audio CDs, DVDs, (S)VCDs and XCDs on the fly, and it adds support for 3GP, AAC, AC3, APE, AVI, DivX, 3ivx, DAT, h.264, x264, AVC, Nero Digital, DTS, FLV, FLAC, HD-MOV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, M4A, MPC, MP3, MP4, MO3, MOD, MKV/MKA, MTM, OFR, TTA, OGG/OGM, S3M, Vorbis, VOB, WavPack, ATRAC3, XviD, XM, WV, UMX and many more formats so you could play any video / audio file with your favorite media player or with the free and wonderful Media Player Classic player that comes included with WECP.

  Graphicool1 15:18 10 Apr 2009

The latest version is 2.3 (March 31st 2009).


Pentium Pro/Athlon processor or higher (SSE-capable CPU recommended)
Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003, or Vista

click here

  Graphicool1 15:20 10 Apr 2009

Does your OS match up to the system requirements?

  jack 19:46 10 Apr 2009

Athlone 64 3000+
1Gb Ram
loads of disk
How does that sound

  Graphicool1 12:00 14 Apr 2009

Are you being offered them through the Windows Update? Because my set up is similar to you and I'm not?

  jack 14:11 14 Apr 2009

I tried to reload them yesterday and got the message - all ready installed do you want to overwrite?
So it seems that not with standing all the failed messages they crept in whilst I was not looking.
I do have a dual system- that is two Windows XP Pro from the same disk installed -a pure flook, I have to say when reinstalling windows after a contretemps with installing a router.
So the up date could have been talking to the
new[virgin system].
Whichever it was the item came unannounced, so I guess MS servers are sending this stuff continuously and it pops into a system automatically.

  Graphicool1 11:38 15 Apr 2009

I think from what you've said your system doesn't need them and neither does mine. Only do the following if you have a Genuine Windows Setup.

click - Start> Help & Support> Windows Update> (it may ask you if you would mind installing a small piece of software so that they can scan your system and check its legitamacy. If you have say yes) You will be given the option of an 'Express' or 'Custom' download. Choose 'Custom'
When the updates come up click on the 'plus sign' next to each of the updates you don't want and you will be given the option to hide them. This way it won't offer them to you again. But if sometime in the future you want to give them another go. On the left it says 'show hidden update' allowing you to get them again.

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