Windows Media Audio/Video File. Will not play

  Flopper 19:18 27 Mar 2005

I cannot play Windows Media Audio/Video Files in Windows Media Player version 10 (set to download Codecs automatically). Everytime I try to play a file I get a message stating it is searching for a licence or it needs to download something else, which I do not want it to do. I have tried other 3rd party utilities but they all 'refuse' to play the file.
It's not the odd one, it is all of them.
Any ideas?

  stalion 19:31 27 Mar 2005

have you tried going back to version 9?

  bluesbrother 19:34 27 Mar 2005

When you copy a CD using windows media player you can 'copy protect' the files. They will not play without a licence. I've had to update the licence for some cd's I copied years ago, several times. Never had a problem. Don't know about video though.

  Flopper 19:40 27 Mar 2005

I have thought about going back to version 9 but I know that without version 10 I sometimes cannot play 'live' clips while online as the picture becomes 'psychedelic'. Do you know if, or think that version 9 will do the trick?

  Rogerfredo 10:07 28 Mar 2005

I had the same problem. If you open the file you are trying to play (click on the CD drive), and look at the file type box, does it say "Any media file"? Mine did, and when I changed this to "any file", it would play as normal.
Someone else on this forum suggested a conflict with Nero, and said to reinstall Windows Media Player 10. I did this and all is well (up to now).

  pj123 11:52 28 Mar 2005

Have you tried JetAudio? I have been using it for some time now and it plays anything I throw at it, even streaming from the BBC. It will play WMA and WMV WAX and WVX.

Free download from click here

scroll to the bottom of the page and download JetAudio 6 Basic. Once installed you may need to set it up which can be done as follows: "open jetaudio, go to Preferences, File Type Association and in the right hand window click on Check All, and then Update, and then OK. Next time jetaudio is run it will play all known file types."

  Stuartli 13:27 28 Mar 2005

In the Privacy tab from Tools>Options, Disable Acquire licences etc.

  Flopper 20:01 28 Mar 2005

I tried JetAudio but when I open one of the files it tries to, or suggests I download ActiveX which I am told is not recommended, unless you know different.

  Stuartli 10:09 29 Mar 2005

Why not try the free K-Lite codecs standard pack, which contains virtually all the audio and video codecs you will require?

click here

  Stuartli 10:10 29 Mar 2005

Enables you to retain WMP9 or 10.

  Flopper 15:50 29 Mar 2005

I installed both the Standard Pack and then the Full pack (after the first did not work). I had the option to install Media Player Classic but everytime I open a WMA/V File I get a message stating that it 'Failed To Render File'.
When I try again with Media Player 10 it still wants to obtain a licence despite my ticking the box asking it not to.

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