Windows ME to Windows XP (Home Edition)????

  JUSZO 13:03 03 Mar 2003

I recently bought windows XP home edition at a computer fair, to upgrade from my current operating system, windows ME.
I've put in the disc but it's telling me that they are incompatible and I cannot upgrade from ME to XP!!!!
Please, can anyone help?
There must be some way to switch operating systems or I've wasted a whole heap of money!!!!
Can anyone shed some help on what I need to do....PLEEEEEEEEEEASE ???

  daxian 13:32 03 Mar 2003

what you need to do is format the hard drive and start the computer with the xp cd .
you will need to go into the bios and set the boot order ,so that it boots from the cd ,rather than the hard drive ,save the settings ,then restart the pc with the xp cd in the drive.

  King Diamond 13:33 03 Mar 2003

Can you not just formatt your hard drive with a boot disc?

Restart the pc with the boot disc in it.

Format the disc and set the partitions you want.


In the BIOS, set the 1st boot device as the cdrom.

Put the XP disc in the cdrom and restart the pc.

You will be using FAT32 filing system with ME, so when XP gives you the option to change it to it!

Sorry if you are an advanced user, incase I sound patronising, but if you want better help doing the above, just e-mail me and I'll help you.

Good luck.

  Stokey 14:22 03 Mar 2003

I suspect that your Me OS came installed on the puter when you bought it. If so these are notoriously difficult to upgrade (but can be done). Best bet though is to get Partition Magic and dual boot since some of your software is likely not to get on with XP anyway.

Be careful not to lose anything you may want to keep! A clean install will be best in any case. Many people upgraded to Me rather than a clean install and that is why it has an undeserved reputation for being unstable. Pretty much the same with XP by what I see of the XP problem threads. I tried XP on a separate partition BTW but as I didn't like it I no longer have it so cannot advise too much about it.

But don't get carried away and lose your stuff!

Please post back if further help is needed -- nearly always someone here can provide an answer.

Regards, S

  JUSZO 15:46 03 Mar 2003

Thanks so much guys...gonna try it now. I'm not an advanced user so it sounds a little complicated...

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