Windows ME, slow loading 'open with'

  Healer13 22:54 22 Jun 2003

When I want to select a program to open a file I right click on the file and select 'open with'. It takes in excess of 2 minutes to respond but is OK after that until the PC is re- started, then it takes time again.
How can I remedy this?

  Pesala 00:11 23 Jun 2003

I find that it takes about 10 - 15 seconds on Windows ME on a 1Ghz AMD Athlon. The second time is it instant. Try removing any excess programs, defragmenting the hard drive, then time it again.

  S Walch 00:45 23 Jun 2003

Is trying a new OS.

Mianly because the ME version of windows is the worst out to date (I thought they couldn't do worse than 98 - but once again they prove me wrong :P )

  Mango Grummit 01:10 23 Jun 2003

On this forum we try to be helpful and constructive. We do not decry other peoples choices or make mean-spirited and pointless remarks.

  Xevious 10:07 23 Jun 2003

well put mango.

it's all a matter of opinion at the end of the day.

i had WinME installed on my PC for ages and never had any problems with it. guess it all depends what you do with it, and how you look after it...

so if you take care, there's no need to worry!!!

  expertec 13:17 23 Jun 2003

I have exactly the same problem as Healer13, i recently defragged hard drive but it still does this ver slowly

I don't know why so many people say Window$ ME is rubbish, i've been running it for ages with hardly any problems, it is very stable

  Healer13 22:33 23 Jun 2003

Thanks for the advice, I've tried cutting down on programs and 'cleaning the system' but to no avail.
Guess I'll learn to live with it.

  sattman 22:59 23 Jun 2003

I wonder, could you perhaps try a selective start up and by elimination find out what is causing the problem, assuming it is software.

  jazzypop 23:21 23 Jun 2003

It's one of the 'features' of ME that MS know about, but don't seem able / willing to fox - see click here

  Healer13 09:21 30 Nov 2003

I've fixed it! A total re-install of Windows ME has got it running right.

  ofurum-217251 15:46 30 Nov 2003

computer not booting in the operating syst.
and program files load slowly

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