windows me, skeeps crashing at bios

  hiram121 20:07 27 Nov 2007

hi, i am trying to sort my m8s pc out, it seems to keep crashing at different stages of startup, i cant get it to start in safe mode, it wont do a dskchk or anything,any ideas?

  DieSse 00:17 28 Nov 2007

"it seems to keep crashing"

Sorry but that's not clear enough - can you tell us exactly what happens, with any error messages please.

  hiram121 17:48 28 Nov 2007

well when i put the hard drive with the operating system in another pc it loads up fine, but when i put it in the original pc it freezes after the windows me logo comes up and gives me options to start as normal or in safe mode and once i click any of these options it seems to free, no error message comes up. but like i say the hard drive itself must be ok. hope u can help

  DieSse 18:03 28 Nov 2007

OK - that's good information.

Can you tell us about your system - the processor, power supply, motherboard, graphics card please - and approximate age.

Some things that may cause such symptoms.

Failing power supply

Failing RAM

Filing motherboard

Failing graphics card

Bad connections on cables, RAM, processor, plug-in cards.

Failed processor fan, causing rapid overheating.

Battery on motherboard requires replacing.

Try the easy things first -

Check the processor fan

Unplug everything except one RAM module, Processor, Graphics card(if fitted) and working hard drive.

Take out th RAM and reinsert it - same with graphics card, then processor.

If you have two RAM modules, try with each on their own in turn.

After that you will have to start trying other things such as testing each part in another system and/or trying with replacement parts.

Your testing the drive in another system was a good first step. Let us know how things are going.

  hiram121 18:15 28 Nov 2007

thankyou i will try those things tonight, i think its an intel pentium 4 and 556mhz, but ill have a good look.

  woodchip 18:18 28 Nov 2007

Either a Driver Problem or the CPU fan is cloged with muck. Try starting the computer with shift key held down. This stops some drivers loading at Windows Startup

  Diemmess 18:20 28 Nov 2007

"when i put the hard drive with the operating system in another pc it loads up fine"!!

If it, (the HD) with its OS, works in another PC fine, but it must have all the correct drivers installed for that motherboard.

So it has been repaired/updated to suit that PC and in doing so, now has the wrong information to come alive and behave itself.

If I'm right then it is 'make your choice time' and decide whether to fit a new HD to the original PC or reconfigure/repair it with its original HD.

  woodchip 18:30 28 Nov 2007

Another way is to refit the drive then run ME setup, so it overwrites it's self

  hiram121 18:35 28 Nov 2007

no, i didnt let it run throught the add new hardware setup, as soon as it started up the windows i disconnected it because i didnt want it overwrighting it, i just wanted to see if it crashed before that pint, if you get me lol

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