Windows ME - How to boot into Safe Mode + No Mouse

  BlueMeanie 11:37 25 May 2003


Trying to repair a PC with Windows ME - How do you boot into safe mode - like Windows 98 or 95 ?

The PC has a Virus that my friend claims has deleted some .exe files, and he wants me to save the contents of "My Documents" folder prior to a re-installation of ME.

No mouse available ! neither PS2 nor serial nor USB so navigating is VERY difficult.

System Restore is also not available (???.exe is missing).

All comments gratefully acknowlegded, going out soon for dinner so will read your suggestions on my return.

Thanking all of you in advance.

  VoG™ 11:57 25 May 2003

To get to Safe Mode press and hold down (or keep tapping) CTRL

Not sure if this will help click here

  keith-236785 19:47 25 May 2003

what are the contents of the My Documents, if they are just documents then you could copy them to a floppy disk, however pictures will probably be too big.

to be able to do this you would have to have a windows start up disk, boot up with the floppy in the drive and choose "command prompt", i think its ALT+F5 but look for yourself, once it has booted up you should see

type dir and press enter

can you see a directory named my~docume
if you can then type "cd my~docume" then type "dir"enter
this will list all the contents of the my documents folder, from here you can copy the important files to a blank floppy disk.

to copy all the files type "copy *.* a:" exactly as shown including spaces. if there is too much for 1 floppy then you may have to copy the files one by one

to copy one file ie. details

you would type "copy details a:"
you would need to do this for every file you want to save

hope this helps

  spuds 20:23 25 May 2003

I seem to go there by using the F5 key on the keyboard.
You may get a screen menu showing four alternatives. Normal,--,--,Safe Mode.Select Safe Mode by using up/down keys on keyboard, then enter.

  BlueMeanie 12:35 27 May 2003

Thanks everyone

Dropped into safe made, and then navigated to control panel, system, device manager, mouse and deleted ALL instances of mice drivers (2 listed PS2 and HID - USB) rebooted and mouse now operating when rebooted.

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