Windows ME crashing - What's in C\PQSC?

  Gazzerr 07:24 29 Oct 2005

My system has become very unstable. I first noticed it when trying to copy data to a flash disk and the whole thing crashed. It re-started but has become unstable with the screen just freezing and the program running stopping. It deosn't seem to matter what programme the last couple of times has been in Explorer. The restore system doesn't work and when I run scan disk it says it can't correct all the erros due to one top folder already exisitng. The path for that is C\PQSC\CPS - anybody know if I can just delete that file - i tried to rename it but it won't let me.

Any ideas?


  PaulB2005 08:28 29 Oct 2005

PQSC = Power Quest Second Chance. It's a problem that works like Goback and System Restore. Try disabling it before you copy. Look for a blue circular arrow in your system tray.

  PaulB2005 08:29 29 Oct 2005

Sorry just re-read. Try booting in Safe Mode and then running ScanDisk.

  Gazzerr 19:10 30 Oct 2005

Tried that but the same thing happens- it finds this file with the same name and says it can't repair it.

I tried system restore in safe mode but it saysit can't find drive F ( which is the flash disk drive) and the restore fails every time. I booted normally and inserted the flash disk - it doesn't like it as it goes the the blue Ms DOS screen but if you keep hitting a key you get back to windows. The F drive then appears but I deleted the data after numerous flicking betwwen the DOS screen and windows and then ejected it properly in case that was a problem but still won't restore. System stil jsut stops in various programmes - last one was in the screen saver!!

  citadel 19:56 30 Oct 2005

I have me on my old computer and it sometimes odd stuff happens. You could try reducing the amount of disc space used by second chance as it is often set too high.

  PaulB2005 00:17 31 Oct 2005

You might have to uninstall Second Chance then. Control Panel, Add / Remove Programs.

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