Windows ME Boot failure

  Qdiddy 20:49 22 Sep 2004

I've been trying to fix a Windows ME boot failure problem for a friend. So far, have tried the following without any success:

Made boot disc from

This get us to DOS

Have run scandisk and chkdsk

Have tried fixmbr, fixboot, fdisk/mbr and none of these commands were accepted.

We have a rescue disk, but are leaving this as a last resort as we want to save some files. Can anyone suggest anything else to try, please?

Many thanks.

  Qdiddy 21:20 22 Sep 2004

Look, I know ME is out of favour, but surely someone has an idea or two :)

  ahales42 21:27 22 Sep 2004

i take it you cant boot into win me. can you get into safe mode?

  Qdiddy 21:37 22 Sep 2004

Have tried typing winme at the c: prompt (should there be a space? e.g. "win me"?)

There is no sign of safe mode.

With a start up disk, we get the option to start with or without cd support or minimal boot. Without the startup CD, the pc just beeps and starts again without any processes showing.

  Old Shep 21:43 22 Sep 2004

To get into safe mode press and hold down the Ctrl key when rebooting (Bottom left hand corner of keyboard)

  sattman 21:51 22 Sep 2004

You need a ME boot diskette, and you need fdisk and on the disk You should be able to download one from

Start by booting up on the diskette and doing a "dir c:\". If it comes back with folders like windows and a bunch of files you are OK.

Next step would be to do a "fdisk/mbr" to refresh the master boot record. Next do a "sys c:" which will refresh the boot files io.sys/msdos.sys/ and put them in their correct locations.

Now see if you can boot into windows.

  Gingermum 21:56 22 Sep 2004

I get into safe mode by pressing F8 when booting.
A rescue disk doesn't necessarily overwrite the files. It should give you various options.
Are you thinking of a restore disk which wipes the HD and returns it to the way it left the factory?

  Old Shep 21:59 22 Sep 2004

Think you will find in Xp its F8 and in ME its Ctrl for safe mode. Maybe wrong but mines F8 on XP.

  Qdiddy 22:04 22 Sep 2004

Managed to get into safe mode, so what now?

  Qdiddy 22:07 22 Sep 2004

The "recovery" disk is a Packard Bell isuue. Will it still give some options? I used to have a Tiny recovery disk and I don't remember getting any choices about what I want to do?

  Laser157 22:15 22 Sep 2004

You could try using System Restore to get back to a point in time when the machine last worked.

Go: Start/Programs/Accessories/System Restore and follow the instructions. Be patient and don't touch the keyboard until it's rebooted and finished.

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