Windows ME boot failure

  Rhuddlan 21:16 16 Nov 2003

Hi, my friend is having trouble with her computer as a message keeps appearing saying that there is a boot failure and to insert floppy disk for BIOS, but she can't seem to find the floppy disk, she doesn't want to use the recovery disk and needs help uregently, regards, Rhuddlan.

  Cretin07 21:54 16 Nov 2003

i think her problem might be a corrupt file in ME. Insert a boot floppy disk from click here and restart and format the hd. is my suggestion. dont knwo about recovering files.

  VoG II 21:57 16 Nov 2003

What disks does she have?

Will it start in Safe Mode?

  DieSse 22:17 16 Nov 2003

In a situation like this, the best plan is to get the hard drive into another system.

If it's detectable and can be talked to, then the first thing should be to give it a Virus Scan - then the data on it needs to be saved.

If you don't do thses things first, you may never recover any data at a a later stage.

If all this is possible - then you can start playing with the drive to see if it can be recovered.

If the data on the drive doesn't need saving, then a simpler plan of attack is possible.

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