Windows ME

  Madrat 14:45 29 Feb 2008

Dose anyone know whare I can get hold of am ME or ME upgrade disc. apart from Ebay?

  crosstrainer 14:48 29 Feb 2008

Windows ME is no longer supported by Microsoft, and is in effect a dead O / S. (some would say it was dead before it came out)

You would be best advised to go with XP (supported for at least another year or so) or Vista (if your system can handle the hardware requirements) As the security loopholes in old unsupported operating systems will render you vunerable to all kinds of virus, spyware attacks.

  Madrat 14:51 29 Feb 2008

I know its outdated but I wanted it for an old PC.

I loved ME compared to Windows 98 and I dont think I ever had a problem with it.

  crosstrainer 14:54 29 Feb 2008

Must be the only person I've ever seen say that they like it, but if the older PC is not internet connected, then you could install it, but a third party is your only option for a copy I'm afraid....Unless anyone has one? (chucked mine all out in recent workshop clear-out.)

  Madrat 15:11 29 Feb 2008

If anyone on here dose have a copy they no longer want please drop me a line.

  Demora 15:33 29 Feb 2008

Somewhere in a box in the garage. If I can get in there tomorrow (not at home at the moment) I'll look it out. Its a full version, all legal and I think in its packaging.

Your welcome to it. IF I can find it.


  crosstrainer 15:35 29 Feb 2008

There you go....The power of PCA :) Thanks Demora

  Demora 15:40 29 Feb 2008

You haven't seen our garage!!!!!.

Let you know IF/When I find it.


  crosstrainer 15:43 29 Feb 2008

You didn't see the back of my workshop.....Truly, truly terrifying :) The stuff we keep.....My motto has always been "don't chuck it it might come in useful" Until a member of staff diplomatically points out that it really is time to "let go" :)

It will be full again this time next year!

  Demora 16:35 29 Feb 2008

Well I'm going to have to hide under a stone. I phoned home and asked 22year old daughter to go look and she informed me that she took it to a trade-in with all her old games and got it exchanged for newer stuff..

Grrrrrrrrr, BUT having said that there maybe somewhere ie Gamestation or the like or even a charity shop that just may have a copy.

I'm so sorry I couldn't help. She also gave away my Lotus Smartsuite

Sounds like my wardrobe Crosstrainer. LOL.

I'll ask around though.


  anchor 16:55 29 Feb 2008

I have just searched and found the MS Win-ME upgrade disc.

However, as I recall, in order to use it you needed to insert a Win-ME full installation disc, with serial number.

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