Windows Mail - "unable to choose recipients"

  Pineman100 08:58 22 May 2008

My wife's laptop runs Vista Home Premium (SP1 not installed).

All has been well with the Windows Mail email client for some months, but suddenly a problem a has appeared.

When she opens the Create Mail window, and clicks on "To" to open her Contacts folder, she gets the following report:

"Unable to choose recipients".

The Microsoft communities forum suggests that this can be cured by removing update KBB933928, but this is not listed among the updates on her computer.

Anyone got any ideas please?

  BurrWalnut 14:38 22 May 2008

Rather than click on ‘To’, what happens if she types the beginning of the name in the To box (autocomplete), does it appear?

  Pineman100 16:00 22 May 2008

Yes - if you type the first couple of letters of an email address that's in the Contacts folder, a drop-down list displays all the possibles that it might be.

Is that significant?

  BurrWalnut 16:09 22 May 2008

I wondered if you could send mail that way or if it also didn’t work.

Windows Mail auto-completion doesn't use the Contacts list (address book). Instead, it uses a separate list of the last 29 addresses you sent messages to. That list is stored in the registry and is not easy to understand or edit. Names can be partially recognized by right-clicking the identifier (a-z, etc.) then clicking Modify. They are stored in the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows Mail\Recently Used Addresses.

  Pineman100 16:14 22 May 2008

Well, autocompletion seems to be working OK. The sidebar gadget that lists all contacts also works fine - you click on a contact's email address and an Send Email window immediately opens.

It's just that pesky "To" button in the email window...

  Pineman100 14:24 23 May 2008


  Pineman100 10:21 26 May 2008

Anyone got any other ideas, please?

  johnnyrocker 10:26 26 May 2008

have you posed the question in vista forums?


  Pineman100 10:49 26 May 2008

Stupid of me - I forgot the Vista forum.

But I've got myself up the creek now, because I don't think you're allowed to duplicate questions across different forums, are you?

  tullie 10:53 26 May 2008

Just tick this one first,no one is going to shoot you.

  Pineman100 10:58 26 May 2008

But I might have to stand in the corner.

Thanks, tullie, and everyone. I'll do that.

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